Mikel Arteta


It has never been Nagelsmann’s plan to leave.

He’s at Hoffenheim until he goes to Bayern. His wife and child live in Munich and he’s building a house in Munich in preparation for his move there, he’s admitted himself he just isn’t ready for the Bayern Munich job.

I don’t think any amount of money would have gotten him or Hoffenheim to cut ties, he was always just a pie in the sky managerial appointment.

Allegri is different, I could see him getting a bit fatigued with the club and wanting to leave but as they’ve won the double this year it seems that might have reinvigorated him.

The fact of the matter is there just aren’t many top managers available, unless we want Ancelotti. I don’t see Jardim happening because apparently he doesn’t speak English, and I think English is 100% a must for the board.


So true bro.


Well this would seem to fit the argument we’ve been making all along. Stick with Wenger until you’ve got a quality manager in the bag. Instead we sack Wenger and end up with what? I mean we coulda sacked him a couple years back and got Pep instead. However probably not because it doesn’t look like our board are willing to pay top money for the very best players or managers so meh. Better just hope we get lucky.


We could definitely have gotten someone like Klopp or Conte before they went to Liverpool and Chelsea, but I agree that Pep was always out of our reach.


And alternatively, you don’t know he won’t be.

Also you guys should have a look at the history of the club.

Arsenal never really go for established managers. There was Arsene who of course, but Bertie Mee was a physio before he became manager.


I don’t know how true the tweet is, our older members may confirm but it does seem we don’t necessarily go for the most obvious option and it does work more often than not.

Doesn’t matter times have changed or whatever, the board are doing what they have done many times before.


Tbh it doesn’t matter what the clubs history is - the game is very different now. United had never hired a foreign manager and decided to go for Moyes and that was a pure unmitigated disaster.

So us never hiring an established manager doesn’t mean we should continue that trend going forward. I’d rather we just went for someone with a clear idea and clean proven history that they know how to implement their ideas.


True, but I just wanna give him a chance.


I will absolutely give him a chance and get behind as I would whoever we hire. I just don’t think the board are doing the right thing


It’s true that we don’t often go for established, or the best managers available, but it’s also true we are the tightest club when it comes to spending on players and managers.
Wenger might have high wages but this was because he made sure spending on players was the bare minimum.

Also after Mee we had managers like Terry Neil and Don Howe who were ex players and then Graham who was also an ex player, but generally clubs rarely employed foreign managers and often it would be an ex player, and Graham, especially, spent almost nothing on players while achieving great results.

The thing that stands out about us as a club, is that we have had fewer managers than any other club, either here or abroad.
We have had only seven managers in the last fifty tears and fourteen in over a century, and PL clubs like Chelsea, spurs, Man City, Watford, Leicester, Southampton have had more managers than that, since Wenger has been here.


If Mikel fecking Arteta become our new manager then I will lose all hope for redemption of this club.

Wenger leaves after 22 years and we can finally go for a decent manager of the modern game, but leave it to arsenal to go for someone with very little experience and most likely someone who will continue the trend of maintaining Arsenal as the new Everton.

Opposition fans must be laughing their balls off with the Arteta rumours.


It would be far easier for my confused little mind if I was as confident in my divination skills as some OA’ers seem to be. I’m basically agreeing with every post being made, then completely changing my mind again as I read the next one.

Still better than the depressing predictability we’ve become accustomed to though I suppose, so I’m just going to enjoy the ride.


You’re right.
That’s exactly what we’d be doing if spurs, Man U or Chelsea appointed Arteta as their manager.


He is known as the ipad man at City though. Those old school boards you see are him trying to get the Uefa B license in Wales. If he passed his test is another matter :arteta:


I’m not sure I was posting on this board then, I was probably posting on Mania but that certainly wasn’t the opinion over there.

The thing is you’re talking of him solely as a DM. When he was a DM and DLP hybrid. His passing from the back was faultless and only now do we see how important that is. His defensive positioning and ability to read the game and intercept was so good that he was one of the best ball winners in the PL despite the technical side of his game being his strength.

I don’t think he was as good as Petit who is probably the most underrated of all of our midfielders because he was often better than Vieira but I wouldn’t even compare Arteta to Gilberto because one was a defensive shield and one was more of a DLP.

I think he was actually already suffering from achilles problems when he arrived here so was past prime. He was certainly much worse and clearly off the pace in the last few years.


Exactly. Imagine our rivals appointing Mikel fecking Arteta as their new manager. I’d be laughing out loud for a few weeks straight and actually feel sorry for them too.


It’s kind of a boring appointment considering Arteta has already been at the club


Hahaha it is anything but a boring appointment


Exactly. Like we say in Italy “Non tutte le ciambelle riescono con il buco”. It means not everyone can become good.


I wouldn’t find it laughable if United would have give the opportunity too Giggs, but would be genuinely interested how he would do it tbh.


I’ve not actually seen anyone laughing at us