Mikel Arteta


Yeah but people won’t remember how much he actually wasn’t good enough for that position and how we desperately needed an upgrade.

Guess it looks like Moley got it wrong with Allegri though - eh?


the Ozil effect were strong in the first part of the season :ozil2:


Ahahaha knew moley was a fraud.


Spurs stat right there lol


and that Potter kid. deserves a big spanking for sure.


Yeah you’re telling me mate :joy: Fucking hell. Follow that with the Leicester season a couple years later and it really highlights how bad we are for bottling it


Expect epic backtracking now lol.


Arteta and Flim Flam at the heart of the midfeild. It was bound to bottle up :arteta:


Fat lady ain’t sung shit yet m8.


I am gonna eat my hat if this guy wins us something. From Wenger to Arteta :facepalm:

Only the 2 scots are happy :mustafi:


Luca. Wenger is finished anyone is an improvement on him


It would be easier to name the managers we can’t get.
Apart from probably Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp and Pochettino who have no reason to leave their clubs, why can’t we have the likes of Allegri, Simeone, Conte, Enrique or anyone else?

Any top club in Europe, who would be looking for a new manager to win them the top trophies, would have Arteta way down their list, and if he hadn’t have played for us, he would be way down ours too.


@Luca_from_Italy you can try as hard as you want being sad about Wenger going and being replaced by arteta but we all know that had he announced he was staying because no high profile manager was available you’d be the first one abusing him and the club.


I see Arteta going one of two ways, an inspired choice and being the next big thing young manager or an absolute disaster that doesn’t work out. Not expecting much of a middle ground to be honest. It does seem like a huge risk on the face of it, a top European club appointing someone with no 1st team experience.


Yeah this is what I was trying to say. There are better “risky” options to me. This smacks of cheap familiarity. It’s almost as if Gaz and board found their testicles, fired AW and promptly lost them, going with a cheap, easy option that won’t challenge them.


Lol! :rofl: So let’s get Owen Coyle :rofl:


Why does Artetas ability as a player have any correlation with him being a good manager?


Because that’s the only factor to judge his footballing intelligence for now as he hasn’t managed a single game at any level in his life.


When Delaney broke this news in the Independent article he said so much as Nagelsmann f.e. simply isn’t available. They are giving some thoughts on what you’re saying. This could be all fabricated, obviously.