Mikel Arteta


Reading all this rubbish about Arteta again he’d better wins the Europa League for Arsenal as compensation. For fucks sake.


How? He wasn’t even the best midfielder in his own team.


Not even close.


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Think based on stats he was. Can remember it hah


I can’t believe how dismissive some people are of his time as a player here. Of course he wasn’t world class but he came in at a time in 2011 when we were a sinking ship and helped us find our bearings and stay in the CL places when we probably shouldn’t have been.

I’ve got a feeling that because people don’t want him as manager (I agree) they are just getting emotional and disregarding him as a player. He was a good servant of the club.


I can speak only for myself; I’ll fully support him as our new coach but people greatly overestimate his playing career here.


I promise you as an active member of this forum back then I can tell you for free that a lot of people wanted him replaced and didn’t think he was good enough to take us forward.


Arteta wasn’t top of my list of candidates but there are worse options and I include virtually every other EPL manager in that.

We’re doing something different, having a management team. There’s a lot of narrow-minded views on here that seem to assume that a big name means a big trophy haul. I’m interested to see how this turns out, I’ll give him time.

I think a few on here are a little too bowled over by celebrity managers. Arsenal have always been an innovative club, sometimes for the best, sometimes less so. Let’s embrace the new, at the very least it’s going to be a nice change from 10 years of slow decline and stagnation.


Arteta was really good for us for couple of seasons, then age caught up


You’re right.
I’ve been bowled over by Guardiola, Klopp, Simeone, Allegri, Tuchel etc, because they are successful.
But not so bowled over by Arteta because… well…I’m not sure what he has done as a manager.
It’s the same with players.
If you buy proven quality like Aguero, Kane, Aubameyang, they will score goals.
If you buy an unproven youngster, who has never played at the top level, who knows what he will do?

It might be a change but the stagnation could be even quicker.


I agree that he couldn’t take us forward, but surely people must have poor memories if they are discounting his performances in 2011-12. If he didn’t come in that season, there’s no way we were finishing third. Just because he wasn’t Patrick Viera doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what he did do for a short period of time.

Let’s hope he’s a great manager, you never know.


I think that’s a bit of a misrepresentation of the vast majority of opinions given on here. Maybe there’s one or two people doing this, but not enough to sell this interpretation.


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Thing is, mate, right now, in spite of being 6th, we can attract almost any manager to our famous club. No manager has caterogically ruled himself out of the running. Heck, I’d say we can even unsettle Pep from Man City if we had to.

The gripe we have is that the board are settling for the cheap, safe, sackable, “yes man” option in Arteta. If we don’t get a big name in now while we have the chance (and save Arteta in reserve for if/when said big name manager fails) we’ve missed a trick. Such opportunities won’t come again for Arsenal


Pep and poch both fought for this guy. They must be seing something in him. #inmikelwetrust


If Arteta does end up the new manager then I’m ok with it. I’m just happy that I we won’t have the dejavu of the previous 10 years. We need to get behind whoever it is and give them a decent shot at the job and support them. At the very least he has learnt a bit from Pep


Now name a manager we can actually get.


Arteta was playing in that holding role when we were getting housed by lolpool, chelsea, and United that season like 6 - 1 every match, wasn’t he? Bad memory but I’m pretty sure that was the case.


5-1 deafeat at Liverpool, 6-0 defeat at Chelsea and 6-3 defeat at city. ironically we were top of the league most of november-december.


Top of the league for 128 days I think, or something like that. Basically the longest time at the top of the league without winning it if I’m not mistaken.