Mikel Arteta


This better be a masterstroke in the end, fucking sick of been a banter club. How the fuck can we be close to sealing a deal for Allegri then end up with fucking arteta…is this a sick joke or a dumb ego trip this could fuck us royally for years if it goes badly wrong


When he’s announced as manager can we get a new thread made? Like when we sign a player. @Bl1nk

Just to keep it fresh as this has over 500 replies lol


Your life sounds too good to be true


That’s how I see it too. Tears or glory. It’s the wrong “risk” if u are going down the risk route, but if we are pressing, organized, and thrilling after a few games, I’ll get on board like I always do. Charlie Brown am I.


You best believe that you’re not the only one who knows about the search function lol


I will accept the L if it comes :laca:

I hope all the doubters do too


His name just works with the Özil song tho which is the main thing!

He’s Mikel Arteta’s man he’s better than Zidane we’ve got Mesut Özil


If Man City, Man U, Chelsea, spurs or Liverpool sacked their manager and appointed Arteta to replace him, we would be laughing at them.

If this happens, we have sunk to a new low.
All it proves is we don’t want to spend the sort of money a top manager would require to sort this shambles out, so we are going for the cheap option, as usual.

Our board are a complete joke.


I doesn’t really though cos his name is 5 syllables rather than 4 lol


Seems like a very unnecessary risk at this point. Other younger (cheaper) managers that have a track record that would likely come here.

It seems that Gazidis is going for someone that will come in and work within the structure that he put in place w/Sven and Sanllehi. I would imagine that a more experienced manager would want more “control,” that perhaps Gazidis doesn’t want on the heels of Wenger’s tenure that he oversaw nearly everything with the club.

Other assumption is that Sven/Sanllehi will be providing the “pull” to lure players here–for all his faults on the field, Wenger still attracted talent to the club.

I hope that I’m wrong, but Arteta is a major risk, and it feels like one the club doesn’t need to take.


You and @Electrifying are learning from me :wink:


One of the most outrageous things you’ve said. Arteta was so painfully average that he just summed up our diabolical transfer dealings around that time. He was not only not good enough for Arsenal he’ll go down as one of the clubs most pointless ever captains too.

Honestly I can’t fathom how you’d put him on the same level as Petit and Gilberto. He wasn’t even close. He was an Everton standard player who lucked out on a move to Arsenal because we needed a cheap fix replacement for outgoing players.


I think he was decent to good for us but it was in a period where we terrible, so along with Ramsey more of a bright spark in a shower of shit.

To say he was on the level of Petit, Gilberto etc is just hyperbole and revisionism, simple as that.


Abou is wrong but this is a bit of an exaggeration on the other side.

He was a good servant for the club, was the captain when we ended our trophy drought.

Him and song had a good partnership in 2012 and then with diaby before he got injured.

After that Ramsey’s super Saiyan form in 2013 happened with arteta alongside him. He always seemed to bring the best or of his more adventurous partners.

Really underrated player imo.

If we had him in 2008 with fabregas and rvp, I think we’d have won the league.

My only regret with arteta was not getting him sooner.


If he does become Arsenal Manager, he get my backing and I hope he get’s us back on track.

But I find it mind boggling with the position we’re in we’re giving the job to a complete novice, couldn’t care less if he’s highly rated or was Pep’s assistant. We’re the Arsenal and we should be aiming bigger then Arteta. Plus a player who didn’t amount to much at Arsenal, a bang average captain and leader. Never really impressed me as a Arsenal player.

Not going to be the big name that’s going to keep many fan’s happy, if they don’t spend big while other teams do around them and we penny pinch again. I could see things getting miserable after a few bad results. I’m hoping it’s just rumours at the moment.


I have to completely disagree with this. The general consensus among people on the board was a very consistent “he simply isn’t good enough” and I feel it’s nothing more than revisionism to suggest he was anywhere near as good as some people are trying to make him out to be.

He wasn’t a great DM and ultimately that’s where Wenger tried to play him. He was a calming influence on the ball but he was as culpable as anyone for us getting overrun time and time again in midfield.

Perhaps if he’d have played alongside a midfield that would have masked his shortcomings I’d have been able to appreciate him more but he just wasn’t really as good as some people are now choosing to make him out to have been.


If we had the old forum I could show that at least my opinion genuinely hasnt changed.

Tbh we’ve been getting overrun since he’s left too.

He was much better than other players we had in that position before him (Denilson, Song etc) so imo he deffo was good enough for us.

Think he got a lot of unfair stick because at that point a lot of us hadn’t realised Wenger had completely declined then and blamed the horrible match preparation and tactics that resulted in the 5-1/6-0/6-2 humpings on guys like him.

He had a role to play and played it well most times. We were more solid with him on the pitch. (2nd best defence in 12-13, and Sczcesny golden glove in 13-14 for example).

The problem was the lack of quality around him as much as any issue with arteta himself


How can Arteta be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the great DM’s we have had.
Compared to Vieira, Petit and Gilberto he was light weight and often got out muscled by opposition players.

He was a decent player but not exactly irreplaceable or even close to being one of out best players.
He was also injury prone and only played just over a hundred PL games for us.

I just don’t know what he has done to be our manager.
He wasn’t a great player, he isn’t renowned as a great coach and has never had a managerial job, yet some people are talking about him as if he is going to transform us from a stagnant club going nowhere, to glory.

What are Ozil, Aubameyang and Mkhitayran going to think of a player, barely older than them, and with no experience at any level, when he starts telling them how to play?

Like I said before, if he was going to one of our rivals, we wouldn’t exactly be shaking in our boots.


Well, when he was at Arsenal, his nickname was “coach”

And no, not because he was slow :smile:


Arteta was the best midfielder in the PL in 12/13