Mikel Arteta



Visionary thinking from Arsenal



Time to move this to at least Rumour Mill lads @Bl1nk @JakeyBoy

On twitter they are saying he will be announced friday

Genuinely quite excited to see how we play with him managing us.

We will be an exciting team to watch again surely, and another hipsters choice again which will feel good.

Just want to see something with a plan again, and not just winging it.



John Cross via the Mirror is now a respectable legitimate news source now…lol.


Lol! He looks such a weak personality, tbh.


Without any experience at managerial level I just can’t see how Arteta is a better manager than Arsene Wenger. Don’t get it. Worried.


No revisionism - he was not good enough to start for this club. Most were calling out for his replacement for a long time.

Hopefully he makes a better manager than he did player anyway.


Well you never know




In Spain and Germany eliminated his competition by taking all their best players. In England he’s built on that by sending his mates out to fuck up the management of rivals. Man’s a genius etc


After his legs had gone tbf, before that he was the steadying influence in our midfield. Pity we didn’t buy him years before to play alongside Cesc


He was literally the poor man’s Cesc. Why would you buy him to play alongside Cesc?


No he wasn’t lol they played different roles for us.

Arteta became a DM/DLP and was pretty good at it.
Cesc was an AM

From 2011-2014 he was a stabilising force in the midfield.

Afterwards he was done though, for sure.


Signing him as a player was a panic buy.

Signing him as a manager would be up there with up there with the signings of Chamakh, Park, Gervinho, Sanogo, etc.

All young, all cheap, and all unproven at a top European club.

When I first heard this rumour I thought it was a smokescreen for us going for a proper, top quality manager.

If this happens, then Gazidis, Kroenke, and whoever else is responsible for this decision should walk away when it goes wrong.


He wasn’t really we’d been linked for years much like we’d been linked to Mertesacker for ages before.


Even if he was, was the best panic buy in the history of the club along with Per.

Anyways, I really do hope the board back Arteta in the transfer market then, get some good high quality players.


We had just sold Cesc and Nasr, we had just been thrashed 8-2 by Man U, we were haggling on the las day of the transfer window, so that to me was a panic buy…


So all deadline day signings are panic buys, got it. We were always going to bring in some players after losing 2 of our best players and only brings in Gervinho and Ox to the senior team. We’d been trying all summer to get Mata, Alvarez, Cazorla, Gotze and failed on all of them.

I’m not even sure Santos was a real panic buy because we sold Cliche and needed a replacement in.


You’ve actually underlined he was a panic buy. Since we failed those targets we got him in on the very last day as very last option.

@Electrifying Wilshere was supposed to be the pivot partner for Song, but he got injured obviously. It’s not that farfetched to state Arteta came initially for the position of Cesc. Our other target that summer (Mata) shows that too. But when he got here his role changed through circumstances and Rosicky/Cazorla being better options.




That’s total bollocks.

Most were saying Flamini was better than him too :joy:


If you lower your standards he was indeed.