Mikel Arteta


Its not just his potential failings that scare me with this potential appointment (i doubt it will happen anyway and if it does some of the board need fucking kicking)

What scares me the most about this potentially even happening is this.

Transfer targets…what the fuck do we tell them

‘we are in the europa yes, but we have a new manager his name is Arteta, do you fancy coming’

How in the fuck are we gonna attract the players we need to be competitive again with such a shit appointing as manager. Do you see any decent players want to move to a Europa club with a nobody manager embarking on a potential new horizon? It is too much of a risk for any quality players to want to take.


“Just look at his hair blud, you don’t get that kind of style with Pep”


Going to go out on a limb with another prediction - Arteta will NOT be our new manager… while there are some reasons I could see it, there are plenty of reasons why it should scare the f*ck out of Gaz and the board as they start to actually move on this… we are patient with managers - he will not be sacked in year 1 imho, so you need someone to me who is more suited to a full campaign and some longer-term planning.

Arteta is not a proper managerial appointment in this era for a top team… when AW was appointed, it was all very different.

We need someone different than AW and someone that is going to signal that to the fans - organization, some aggression, tactical savvy, retain some of the attacking flair but sort out our shambolic defense of the last 10 years.

I see Allegri at this point - that is my prediction now - nothing brave about it, but it is what I think AFC will do in the end and I think they can work it out.

I still hope for something a bit more emergent and fresh, like Nagelsmann… I have soured a bit on Simeone after watching him against us, but I still think he is the perfect post-AW transition manager. But I see exactly zero chance of that, so someone like Jardim, Nagelsmann, or Tuchel are the type I would want.




Regardless of who we get and how we get them, they’ve got my support.


I googled Marco Rose. He was assistant manager at Mainz indeed, managed Lokomotive Leipzig (amateur club) and after managed Red Bull u-16 and Red Bull u-18 (according to German wikipedia). Before he got the first team job. That’s still seven years of experience. We can point at Tedesco, Nagelsmann and Rose or Guardiola and Zidane to justify Arteta, but their paths still have been different than Arteta’s. Two years as an assistant manager, that is it.


Why is everyone acting like Arteta is already the manager. Did I miss something?


Because everyone knows how shit this board is and now realise it’s not just all Arsene’s fault.


Lol, well yeah a couple things could happen that will prove me right all along. The board will make an uninspiring hire in Arteta and our shitty fans will protest him from day one. Although I hope neither of those things happen.


VAhh yeah you’re spot on but don’t get me wrong I’m not to keen on Arteta personally I was just saying for all we know he could turn out to be a punt well worth taking.

That said if I’m being honest with myself that’s more wishful thinking than anything because I don’t know a thing about Arteta’s style or the systems he’s looking to use.

Unlike say Marco Rose who I know uses a 4-4-2 diamond (which I think would suit our players down to the ground atm) gegenpressing and positional play.


Well looks like we’re gonna find out soon enough.



Well that rules out one of the better candidates, very likely we will get someone underwhelming, but at least we know we really can’t be worse than this season.


How lucrative is the Arsenal job right now do people think to prospective candidates. Genuine question. Im just not sure tbh. One minute I think its very big, then other days I dont know.


Let’s get Buvac too, so we have the REAL people behind the success of the 2 clubs and win the quadruple next year by fusing their football brains together into a total football megazord

Might as well move this to rumour mill, or even The Arsenal loool


I cannot believe he’s actually being considered, I’m absolutely flabbergasted at this.

I’ll support him if he’s the man but Jesus Christ what a needlessly inexperienced and risky appointment he’d be…


Yeah first one after AW is absolutely the worst one for this type imho… I can see Moyes v2.0, even though I think Arteta would be an improvement over current state.

Get an interim like Simeone, Allegri or someone poised to take the next step up like Jardim, Nags, Tuch.

This is Gaz trying to get too cute and strike lighting… I still predict it won’t be Arteta but we’ll see.


Yeah clearly they want someone who will work under Sven and Raul, rather than an experienced coach that will challenge them more. Shows a lack of ambition imo.


Fuck! :arteta:, then :facepalm:


This isn’t being reported anywhere, only in this tweet…


YES. Arteta gonna come in and get these pricks working. No easy life anymore lads.