Mikel Arteta


chill out Mario


Arteta as manager … we are in enough mess as it is .




I doubt the truth of that source but why this glorifying of Arteta by fans? Not only on this forum but in others too. Was he such a good player for us? Was he a good captain (whenever he wasn’t injured)? What qualities would make him a good manager?


Those two sentences seem unrelated, I can’t imagine they were discussing the merits of Arteta as manager in the dressing room directly after a loss to Brighton in early March.


Well they could’ve been leaked by the same source at the same time.

But yeah I don’t get the obsession. People talk about ex players knowing what it means to play for the club and the fans etc. but Arteta signed for a club who’s last result was an 8-2 loss and continued to be there while we were shit.

He’s only even slightly interesting because of who his boss is.


Don’t think he is arrogant. He has always been a silent leader. The problem is that he has never managed at high level. Can we stop being greedy and get a good manager to replace Wenger for once?



Fuck it lads, Tedesco sold bloody Mercedes Benz cars before he managed Schalke so I guess there is hope… Right?


Of course there’s hope. He’s Mikel fucking Arteta Amatriain…aka the Basque God. Waiting to fulfill his destiny as Wenger’s successor and supersede his flawed legacy with that of a leathery skinned Basque god’s.


I don’t think this is the right appointment at all, I really think it needs to be someone with experience of being the man at a top club.

I wonder if he’s the kind of guy that Gazidis thinks will fit into his new structure and recognise him as top dog in a way a proven top level manager might not.

That said, I don’t think it’s as terrible as it could have been if we did go to Arteta. He was hugely respected when he was here, and there are enough people still at the club who will remember that. I seem to recall we really wanted him to stay and be a coach here.

If we’re not going to get a top level manager then the next best thing is someone who has been learning the trade and I think it’s better to have someone like Mikel who has been at a club winning things and seeing how it’s done at a top side than going the United/Moyes route of appointing a manager who has been successful at a lower level.

Plus we all love Arteta and even with the odds against him I think there’d be a lot of people ready to get behind him and support him in much less divisive way than the last years under Arsene.


Hmm I’m not sure. I think if things don’t start well there will be a lot of people vociferously going on about how they said they said it was a bad move in the first place, how we needed experience, how our owner and chief exec are tight arse cunts who know nothing about football.

I’m not sure if Arteta is as universally loved by Arsenal fans as you think either (to be clear I’m one of those who like him). I think a lot of fans think that he is emblematic of the shit Wenger years and didn’t rate him as a captain or central midfielder.

Nobody knows until it happens, so I hope I’d be wrong if he is appointed, but I’m really not sure that people will have much patience for him.


People will be more patient with an established manager than Arteta.
With Arteta, every loss will bring up plenty of told you so moments.

I actually have no opinion on how I feel about Arteta as manager.


Well the patience of football fans is undoubtedly short and there will always be those who demand a new manager after we draw our first pre-season friendly, I just think Arteta would get more of a crack with most people than another coach with his background and experience.


Definitely, look at Marco Rose aswell he played for Klopp and worked with Tuchel at Mainz and he’s been brilliant in his first season.

Beat the likes of Sociedad, Marseille (twice), Dortmund & Lazio en route to the Semi’s of the Europa League with this team

Three of those players Haidara, Schlager & Wolf all played for his youth Champions League winning Salzburg side too that beat teams like Man City, Psg, Atletico, Barcelona & Benfica along the way.

His assistant Rene Maric (25) used to be a blogger too and a brilliant one at that.

Arteta is a risk but so is pretty much every manager out there right now for me barring Tuchel, Sarri & Allegri and like Tedesco, Naglesmann & Rose he could turn out to be one well worth taking.


A lot will have patience, but I think a very significant number won’t at all. I think appointing Arteta actually could be very divisive, very quickly.


For me you bring in a much more experienced and certified manager to deal with the overhaul regarding culture, mindset and tactical nous that has been sorely missing over the years.

Let him build a foundation upon which say a bold and riskier appointment like Arteta, Nagelsmann, Fonseca, Tedesco et al can build upon.

The club is in a very precarious position right now, we’re firmly at the bottom of that mini league between the top six and if they get this shit wrong we could be set back for a long time.

Also I don’t want to see this possibly great combination of Ozil, Auba etc in their prime pissed away because we chose the wrong guy at the wrong time.


There’s also the “told you so, be careful what you wish for” merchants that are just waiting for the next guy to fail.


Arteta would be the ultimate vanity appointment. Reeks of arrogance based on a sense of phony principles

Complete denial of the situation the club is currently in and the depth of the job required to make us compete.

This club is determined to learn the hard way


I’d be worried about the future and the “new structure” if only young, unproven managers were the correct fit to work within it.


Spoiling my big moment like that :grin: