Mikel Arteta


Oh I dislike American English ever since the Colour-Color debacle.


Rah how do you lot get time to argue about such dumb shit


We use the time we don’t spend uploading videos of us playing video games that nobody watches


Oof :joy: burn
Look who’s hitting that like button as well LMFAO


Hilarious isn’t it mate


It’s all love you lot. Yo sorry about any of that dumb shit I must have said time back. Talking smack online ain’t a good look and it shouldn’t of got personal so my bad for that silliness.


I would appreciate the context.


Yeah basically I think I was being a hater about something stupid related to the Ibra thread and out of nowhere it started getting personal and shit :joy:. Just stupid online abuse being bandied around about nothing.

And yeah when shit gets personal even on something as meaningless as an online forum between strangers that shit barely slides. That’s why I should at least say sorry if that’s still pissing guys off even now. I took that disrespect too lightly.


Dis u?


From the Mail:

Arsene Wenger to make way for Mikel Arteta
Arsene Wenger could end his Arsenal reign this summer to make way for former club captain Mikel Arteta to take over, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The outlandish claim would come as a major shock, but the report claims Wenger is ready to consider moving upstairs with a year remaining on his contract.

One condition would be coaxing Arteta back to the club after he left to join Manchester City’s coaching staff last year.


that is bullshit, fucking arteta fuck right off and if wenger goes upstairs i will fucking kill him myself. I want that fucking wanker gone i dont want him in any capacity at the club the guy is a fucking parasite and will be still trying to force his agenda on the club but from board level!


As if.


Mubage said only God could replace him. Guess Wenger thinks the same!


Would take it.


I’d take a cardboard cut-out of Arteta!




Him moving upstairs is the worse fucking scenario for this club. Nurturing a pet poodle like Arteta would kill us.


I image Wenger would still tell Arteta which formation to play :wenger2:. It is like Putin-Medvedev.


Yeah. Let Arteta have Bould as his ass man and reinstall Pat Rice as head of scouting. Nightmare!


Wenger going full Mugabe here ahahah