Mikel Arteta


Personally I want Bergkamp with a new highspeed train interlink as our next manager. Not “this lad knows the 4th place deal”. I’d rather have a Dixon or Keown too if we’re going after ex players. You know they’d drill the defense to be an organised unit.


Well maybe don’t start your post by saying Wenger didn’t spend any money on his squad bhenchod


I would assume anyone with decent understanding of English grammar can notice the determiner ‘which’ placed in the sentence, which further gives explanation of the noun ‘amount’.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect that from an Englishmen.

  • “decent understanding of English grammar”
  • “an Englishmen”

Pick one.


I have an excuse of English being my third language.
What’s yours?


If you’re gonna talk shit about someone’s understanding of grammar, don’t make such a mistake so soon after. Pretty simple.


It’s a spelling mistake not a grammatical one.


“An” or “a” is singular, you then used a plural term straight after. Grammatical error.


I obviously meant to end the sentence with Englishman - a singular entity so ‘an’ is accurate.
It is a spelling mistake.

Compelling argument btw to cover up on you chopping my post to get likes.
Next time do attempt to read the full sentence.


You said he didn’t spend any amount, that implies he spent nothing. You should have said he didn’t spend a lot, or spent relatively little. But you chose to say he didn’t spend anything, because that makes him sound more impressive, when there’s no reason to make such an incredible achievement sound more impressive than it already is.


Okay fine. Let me rephrase.

Wenger achieved the unbeaten season & the run of 49 games unbeaten with a squad that was assembled by expenditure of an amount, which wouldn’t be equivalent to 300m even after inflation.
While Managers like Guardiola, Mourinho spend that kind of money in single season.


That’s a good point you make there


I am genuinely surprised by this. This meaning how you didn’t understand that what me meant and that you would go on picking on his grammar.


I picked on his grammar because he tried questioning mine, it was pointing out the irony of him fucking up after trying to dig me out for my understanding of grammar, I think that’s pretty obvious. Especially as I’ve already said that.

Truth be told I was in a particularly argumentative/dickish mood (which truth be told shouldnt surprise anyone who has been on OA for some time lol) for some reason, which I’m not so much today, so I’ll leave it there.


Did not expect hearing Urdu/Hindi slurs in the Mikel Arteta thread.

@shamrockgooner this is why this is thread of the year


Growing up my closest mates were Indian so picked up a few choice phrases. Bhenchod is probably my favourite swear word full stop haha


It’s quite catchy.


I saw this and thought you were taking the piss out of our countrymen. Didn’t notice Englishman > Englishmen until reading further down. :grin:


This whole event did make me realise that I still don’t write sentences properly.
Need to go back to basics.


You spelt ‘realise’ with an ‘s’, you’re doing just fine with the language. #RealEnglish :stuck_out_tongue: