Mikel Arteta


And I’m the 15 year old lol?


Can you guys like talk a little about Arteta in ARTETA’s thread?




lol :tipping_hand_man:t2:


You guys shift goal post all time so hey why not.


You know a thread goes tits up when @Trion writes in it.


Just checking in to say Guardio£a is a check book merchant.


And you’re a bullshit merchant :yum:


@shamrockgooner this is my nomination for thread of the year please :grin:


If I were half as good at selling bullshit as Pep is with buying trophies, I’d be revered around here as the second coming of Topo.


Unlikely, nobody could ever be as revered as Topo


Can’t decide what is more ridiculous, the idea that you could even come close to The Great LondresTopo, or the ideas you have about Guardiola.


That a grown adult uses ‘lol’ while conversing.


True, it is rather ridiculous. :pensive:


The internet is really not the place for you.


I wonder how would we perform under manager if we can buy almost anyone?.


Chelsea won CL with Roberto Di Matteo.
So we would perform very well if we could buy the league as well.


We’d be fine, because when we actually had the best team with the best players Wenger went 49 unbeaten. I’ll admit he’s a bit of a dinosaur though so probably would never be able to replicate that again, but we’d be doing a lot better I’m sure.


Wenger did all that without having to spend any amount which even with inflation won’t touch 200-300m, let alone total squad valuation of 870m.

He did it whilst having a richer club as rival, not squashing all competition by hogging up talents.


Oh really? Were all the players in that squad free transfers?


That sentence continues asshole