Mikel Arteta


Have they?

Only 7 of the 11 players who started against Tottenham on the weekend were there before Pep arrived…

Hardly a complete revamp lol


Not always as ceo though. Many raise up through ranks at big co and then go to next ceo gig. It isn’t uncommon at all.


Omnipotent? Lol come on…


I’m sure you and others have already said it, but every new coach makes changes to the team. The money that goes around just has change do too the influx of outside money. Or I have to say inflation of transfer fees has gone a lot quicker that it would have anyway.


A different topic but Clubs like City are responsible for that so I have no sympathy with that regards.
They dug their own grab so I won’t held back by considering inflation. Inflation affects clubs like Arsenal, not them.


lol, yeah, that makes sense, hold previous events at City before Guardiola came against him in your evaluation of him. Just stop Trion, it’s embarrassing.


As I said different topic.
I didn’t use that card on Guardiola.


And stop using lol like a teenage schoolgirl

It’s so pathetic


AC is a teenage schoolgirl :sunglasses:




So if a player didn’t cost much or came from the youth team they can’t be the best in their position in the devision what are you talking about?


So you are saying that 6-7 players is not a revamp…


Leaving out the word “complete/completely” subtly shifts the goalposts a little bit.


If you think Groves, Hayes, Marwood, Lukic, Bould, Richardson were the best players in their position then that might be true.

Even our best players like Smith, Rocastle, Thomas, Adams, Dixon and Winterburn weren’t the best in the League.

As a defensive unit they were one of the best in Europe but individual none of them would be considered world class.
Graham was a top organisational coach, even if the style of football was boring, but he was very effective.


David seaman and John Lucic before him
We’re 2 of the best keepers in he league

Tony Adams not being world class absolute bullshit

David rocastle was the best in his position in the devision or at least top 2 or 3

Ian Wright was the best goal scorer in the devision for a good while

Andres limpar one of the top wingers

That team had the top 1/2 or 3 player in the league in at least 6 or 7 positions on the pitch your talking bollocks as usual


I used to go to Highbury regularly and I can assure you there were no world class players in the seasons we won the League title with Graham.

Wright never won a League title when Graham was manager and neither did Seaman, and as for Adams being world class, he was probably our best player, and one of the best in the League, along with Hansen but I’m not sure about world class.

Rocastle was a great Arsenal player but again not world class, Limpar had one great season and then was too often injured.

Yeah, what ever you say.
You might want to check your facts before throwing out abuse.
In fact, it might be better not to throw out abuse at all, especially reading some of the stuff you post.


You don’t have to be world class to be one of the best players in the devision in your position

G Gs team had one of the best plays in their position in the devision in most positions

Maybe not THE best but then they weren’t the most sucsessful at the time either

If you have a first 11 of maybe only the 3rd best player in the devision in every position you might win something every few years, but the team with THE best players will win more, That’s exactly what happened back then you are proving my point for me


If you don’t think Xavi was elite prior to 2008 and you think playmakers like Xavi weren’t common prior to 2008 then it shows you clearly weren’t watching La Liga in that era. The fact you don’t know Vicente was a key player in leading Valenica to 2 league titles and a CL final pretty much confirms that. You’re probably 15 or something,

Bossing England in 2004

Xavi 05/06

Apparently not an elite player until Guardiola who he benched taught him how to play football.


15 lol. You talk like someone who wants to appear to know so much about football but there’s always a gaping hole in your knowledge. You’re inventing arguments and perpetuating myths to fit your agenda and I’m not going to continue to engage in it.

Not only are you not funny (if that’s what you’re trying to be) but you’re clearly struggling with your basic comprehension. So I’m gonna leave this debate here for you to continue with yourself because I think you’re way past the point of being able to engage in anything reasonable without resorting to pretty fucking embarrassing and just shit little digs.

I’m all for a good debate and I’ve always enjoyed debating with you, but I’m not a 15 year old just because I don’t think Vicente was an elite football talent. Which he wasn’t.


You said Xavi ‘wasn’t elite in 08’ which was clearly bollox for anyone with functioning eyes. You mocked a top class player in Vicente because you didn’t know what he achieved. You clearly don’t have a clue about pre-Guardiola La Liga and have no comeback so STFU because it’s time for you to be quiet now. Leave the thread and wank over Guardiolas pin up on your wall.