Mikel Arteta


Xavi won player of the tournament in the EURO2008 where he bossed the whole tourny with Iniesta, everyone could see that the two of them had already got their jam going. and Pep hadn’t even taken over Barca when the tournament started.


Not even bothering to read arsenes posts nor any of the other people determined to talk shit about Pep in this thread, and I agree with 99% of what you’ve been saying here, but the quoted is clearly incorrect. Xavi might even be the best CM of all time, so to say that he was not an elite player is madness.


Xavi is quite possibly the greatest CM of all time. I was not saying he was not an elite player when looking at the scope of his career. I meant looking at a particular period.


It’s true though isn’t it? Name me one team/manager that has won lots of trophy’s that didn’t have a fair proportion of the best players in their position in their given leagues


We get it guys. You need to be simple minded to make sense in this forum.

There has to be just one stance that one should take.
It should always be ‘Guardiola is the greatest’

Critical thinking, having mixed opinion on someone is for mofos. Such an irksome thing to do to have mixed opinion. Just go with the bandwagon and never question anything.

Fair. Fair.

Seria A is the greatest league in world. Say what? There was match fixing scandal…pfft don’t care, have single opinion man.

Lance Armstrong is greatest. But dopinla la la la la fingers in ears la la la la la la

Mourinho is GOAT. Shut it about him being a cunt.

Michael Jackson is greatest person in musical world. I will ignore his paedophile accusations. He was greatest.

Got it. Got it man.

Pep Guardiola is the best.
Anyone criticizing him even slightly is off his wits.


Ahh, apologies. My fault for glossing over the thread and then getting involved. Best just not to read this one. Oh, look, Trion continues to miss the point. :slight_smile:


Probably Leicester but your point basically stands for me.


There’s criticizing, then there’s finding any excuse to belittle his achievements and going through this thread I’ve heard them all, so clearly people have a point to prove.


Nobody has belittled his achievements; it’s very simply would he replicate the same feet’s at a club without the money and pulling power.

Like we’ve continually stated by observational reality he has always gone to the clubs with most money and most pulling power; why that such a taboo thing to say? Should we all herd together and think the same thing?


Would he get them playing better? Yes. Would he win the league? Who knows, depends which club he is at. At an Atletico or Arsenal, yes he probably would. At a West Brom or Genoa, then obviously not, but he would no doubt improve them.

The underlining point is that he works with the players he has and takes them to another level. Sure, for a lot of his players he is taking them from good to great, but there’s no reason to suggest that at a lesser club he couldn’t turn an average player into a good player.

It’s such passive aggressive behaviour to suggest that we should all think the same thing. No one wants that. It’s just the basis of some of these arguments on here are severely lacking.


Is it us or you guys who are guilty of it?


Well it’s kind of a funny thing to say in a way… would anyone say about a ceo that had successful stints at 3 fortune 10 companies that “yeah but who knows if he/she could have done the same with a lemonade stand”?

It is missing the point about relative elevation and it also is kind of beside the point altogether.


I am sorry but I have my doubts about that, purely because how we spend on play acquisition and the clubs he has been at is completely different.

He can’t go and buy a whole new team with us or athletico in 1 and half seasons to suit his style, so that’s false.


Not the same; firstly the ceo proved themselves at some point in a far lesser position.


Only the people who are downplaying Pep have thrown their toys out of the pram and sarcastically suggested they should follow the crowd.

I like the varying opinions, that’s the point of a forum. But weak arguments will obviously be challenged. No one is expecting you to back down, it’s more that you haven’t made a point to make people think, “ah OK, he has a good point there”.


People won’t see one if they don’t want to.


Did I suggest he could buy a whole new team? No I didn’t. I merely suggested that he has the ability to make players better whatever their level.

I believe we have a team capable of challenging for the title. Perhaps not this year, but in most seasons we should and could do better - a better manager like Pep would get more out of the likes of Ramsey, Iwobi etc.


No we have not; don’t know what you’ve been reading. We’ve simple challenged the notion of pep being omnipotent in the realms of football. Firstly by pointing out that well he has had relatively easy at the clubs he has gone to; secondly asking could he do it with a lesser team.

Well that did not go well with the pep chuck squad.


You’ve just added now but in reality pep seems to buy six or seven players to suit his style; ie Man City has been almost completely revamp since he has managed them.


George Graham with us.
He spent hardly any money and the majority of players were from the youth team.

But it’s obviously not going to happen very often.

The point is there are several players in the Man City team that are performing at a much higher level than they were under different managers in previous seasons.

Players like Delph, Sterling, Fernandinho, Stones, Otamendi etc, were no where near the players they are this season, before Guardiola arrived.

Playing down his achievements is just childish.
What does he have to do to prove he is the best manager in Europe?
Yet some of the same people will also say Wenger is the best man for the job here.
It doesn’t make sense.

Every club he has been at he has been a massive success, playing great football, winning the top trophies and getting the best out of all the players he has, and they don’t have to be world class.

How many Man City players could be called world class when he first went there, and how many could be called world class that he bought?
Also, if he isn’t the best manager in Europe, who is?