Mikel Arteta


I’d also point out that the current points/game for City is unsustainable… there WILL be regression to the mean and I do believe they will lose at least one game as well. They are on pace for almost 110 points and I think they might barely scrape 100 or maybe even just get to high 90’s.


I don’t really think you do tbh mate.




Is there a higher praise than being caller a ‘genius’?


So as I said, given same squad City would achieve trophies with any manager.
You just demonstrated it.


How come they didn’t in the last two seasons then?


Thanks for clarifying that as im not a paid up member of this new fan club either.


Trion unintentional trolling re: Guardiola is far worse than a4tt’s unintentional trolling re: Walcott. A4tt far closer to having an actual point/not talking outright shit.


Curry boy :hipster:


Because they underachieved and were a failure.
Similarly Pep would be a failure if he doesn’t win 2-3PL and 1-2 CL


Could you stop sucking up to Guardiola just because he is Spanish.


Your ignorance overcomes you. Guardiola is Catalan, and a huge supporter of the independence movement, which I am against–and which disgusts me because of its nationalist/fascist background–and does harm to our country.

Guardiola on a personal level I dislike totally. He is an overly arrogant dick who because he is a genius in the sphere of football thinks he can opine on political matters and in doing so has let his political ignorance be used as a spokesperson for the indepence movement.

On the old forum I also expressed my dislike for Guardiola on a personal level. The Spanish bias thing is incredibly weak considering I also had a bias toward the English league on the old forum, before realising I was incorrect. @A.F. can attest.


Well my bad.
I won’t bring that up again.


Arteta has nice hair


Having the best player in the world/league in basically every position in he pitch is definately key to peps success, That goes for pretty much any team/manager ever to be sucsessful

The thing that makes pep, (and Wenger when we had 7/8 of the best players in the league/world in our starting 11) better than the others is how well their teams play football IMO


Its not the end of the season lol… and those numbers are pretty conservative… their results right now so far are unprecedented points-wise.

Plus, you are applying one specific case that fits your argument to imply something broader I think, which is definitely missing the point.


I remember and I agree with you!


He hasn’t got the best player in every position.
Ederson isn’t the best GK, and Otamendi, Stones and Walker certainly aren’t the best in their positions in the PL.
In fact I remember reading a lot of posters on here saying Stones was a waste of money.
That also goes for Sterling and Delph, who have gone from average to first team regulars, since Guardiola went there.

De Bruyne and Silva are top quality and so is Aguero, but even when these players don’t play, Man City still seem to play just as convincingly.


You see that’s also why I love Guardiola. It doesn’t, and indeed, shouldn’t influence my opinion of him the coach. He’s easily the best coach in the world regardless. I however love people in football that are articulate and express views outside of the boring managerial talk. I agree with you re:Catalan independence, but his outlandish views seem akin to me of Socrates (the player, but can apply to the philosopher :laughing:) and Cruyff too. That’s all part of the legend for me.


Who’s a better full back than Kyle walker in the prem?

Ederson has the distribution of a quality deep lying play maker and has made some amazing saves, If he’s not the best keeper in the league it’s because de he’s is fucking amazing too but I would take ederson myself

Apart from CB they have the best or very close to the best player in every position on the pitch you can’t Deny that