Mikel Arteta


Fair enough.


No it was £200m. The figures being thrown around are either in alternative currencies or including players who were not signed for the first team.

He spent £200m on first team players, Ederson, Walker, Mendy, Danilo and Bernado Silva.

Silva and Danilo are not first team players. Mendy is injured. Ederson is a fantastic young goalkeeper and Walker is an England international at the peak of his career signed from a club notorious for being difficult to do business with.

Again, I think Pep is getting too much criticism for the spending.

Barcelona bid £140m (which is essentially 75% of Pep’s total summer spending) on one player. And spent a shade over £100m on another player. I just think the market is so inflated these days and with Pep being manager of Manchester City they’re always going to pay more.


must be quite a headache to be capable of spending 75m on squad players.


No it was in the region 220-230 in pounds. That still doesn’t change the fact he spent a huge sum of money compared to other managers around him; and fact is he has always had that spending power wherever he has gone.

I don’t see why pointing out the advantages he has gotten throughout his career is a problem.


Wenger had been a manager in the PL for more than two decades, Guardiola a few months.
It also shows that he turned round a situation from third to top in just over a season.

Their style of play and dominance is down to him.
You could reverse the question and say, could another manager have gone to Man City and done the same job as him?


I did say “mostly”, @mhappy might have missed that too when he brought up Aussie.

On this forum I have found it to be the case that the people who try the most to disparage Guardiola also tend to be people who defend Wenger. I didn’t say that absolutely everyone who has ever said a bad word about Guardiola defends Wenger.


When I seen 66 unread posts in here I just knew none would be about Arteta :joy:

Got to love this thread about 5% of the posts in here are about Arteta


If you can point how post I’ve posted are me defending wenger that would be amazing; I’ve said it before I just call bullshit on bullshit, there is criticism and there is just hate where there man does not get credit for anything


If all players were as technically gifted, fast, strong and physically fit as Messi and Ronaldo, I think it would be a lot more fair and those two wouldn’t stand out so much during the last 10 years and wouldn’t share 10 Ballon d’Ors between each other. To that effect, I think it’s unfair to call them the best players of the current generation and possibly ever, because the rest have to compete against them with limited resources, talent and ability.


Amazing is one way to describe it, but I’d describe it as a colossal waste of my time.


Players and managers can’t compare; players need talent and work ethics to become good. Give a manger limitless funding at a club that attract any player, surely even the most moderately talented manger would be successful


Because I rarely do it until people go off on a tangent spewing nonsense; but in the same vain I would criticise him.


If youd like to go through your posts and point out how many of them are criticising Wenger that would be amazing.


Eh? Messi and Ronaldo have all those attributes down to sheer effort and intelligence.
All players begin their training in childhood with as much know how about the game.
Messi and Ronaldo had no advantage on others.
They acquired it.




Guys, I just want to make a public confession. It’s really been eating at me, my slander of @Trion, and I just want to come clean. I hereby confess that Trion Talkshitta Pephaterhi clearly did not, in fact, have an agenda against Guardiola on the old forum, nor does he clearly possess one at the time of writing, and I, Abou Cuellar, am a liar and a coward.


Did I miss sarcasm?


No you accused me of not rating Guardiola, whilst I clearly do.

More lies


My exact words were “talking shit about Guardiola” :slight_smile:

Slander, terrible slander!


Well if you assume Klopp is a good manager, let’s say PAR of +4 (this hasn’t been done or calibrated in any meaningful way, so I am making sh*t up at this point, but hopefully the concept is clear)… I would put Pep at around +10 or even more comparatively, so generally speaking on average he would achieve 6 more points in the Premier League than Klopp.

So for sake of argument, I’d imagine they would be around 40 points. If you take Pep out of City and replace with Klopp, then City goes down 6 points, but are still in 1st place with 46 points (in this example).

Those smell like potentially reasonable numbers to work with, although I might argue for Klopp being a little lower and Pep being even a little higher, I am trying to combat any bias I might have.