Mikel Arteta

We just got 1 less member in the Artetasexual gang. Very very disappointed.

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For about 6 straight months I was the Artetasexual gang.


Which makes the ending even sadder.


Going to be curious how people rewrite the script when if we don’t make top 4 this season

Not sure Arteta has what it takes to get CL football in an EL or bust season in 22/23

Which is it, when or if? Sitting on that fence there hard

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I think it’s most likely a “when” but we’ll see what we look like after the window.

Hang on, I was in the Arteta gang before we even hired him. Me and AC were fighting the battle for Arteta over Emery.

Nah we aren’t finishing top 4 this season. 5th Maybeeeeee depending on how shit United or West Ham end up being. Think Spurs have us now that Conte is the manager he’ll sneak in.

not necessarily they have still been quite poor even with the ‘new manager bounce’

Nice article, this

Jonathan Liew is a good writer


I often find myself tuning out of his articles.

Although I did enjoy his description of Xhakas sending off :grin:

There were 23 minutes on the clock when Xhaka and Jota both chased down a long ball from Andy Robertson, with very different ideas on how they were going to reach it. “I will take the ball in my stride, use my strength to hold off the defender and fashion a strong shooting opportunity,” thought Jota to himself. “The laws of physics are there to be broken,” muttered Xhaka under his breath. “I am Granit Xhaka. I must karate-kick this ball out of the air. The universe demands nothing less.”


I’ve been critical of Arteta but I’d love to see him progress and make us a title contenders again . If he doesn’t it won’t be for footballing reasons it’ll be oil money being pumped into the clubs above.

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When is this brother’s next presser ffs, we’re starving over here.

Must be tomorrow. Or not, if we opt to try and get the match postponed. I hope we play it though.

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So come the end of the season, if Arsenal get Top 4, would anyone swap Arteta with another young manager like Tuchel, Poch, EtH and Potter?

If we get 4th with 68 points and inconsistent play… he needs to go imho

This interview bugged me a lot.
Completely dismissed the notion that Arteta is a pleasant guy.

I think by then most people smartened up to him right. Guy is as strict as they come. But yeah, this did highlight it.


You’re really gonna hand him to City so easily?