Mikel Arteta

If we ever want to be a title contender one day fixtures like that will help dictate it, when you’re playing for 4th-6th I agree you can afford to roll over and get belted by the top 3 etc. But one day if we ever want to win the top trophies fixtures such as these will be big 6 pointers.

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Absolutely this.

In 2000/01, we got 2 points against Chelsea, 3 points against Liverpool and 3 points against Man United. In 2001/02, we got 4, 4 and 6 respectively.

These big games become six pointers. If we ain’t winning them, we sure as hell don’t want them beating us. That’s what won us trophies that season.

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:rofl::rofl: his attack ain’t that good

Ngl if that was a brown skinned journalist then he would have got taken the fuck down before he got his hand out of his pocket


Still not sure how he gets more goals out of this team.

Aubameyang seems very much in decline and we’re asking him to do something he’s not great at anyway.

Lacazette doesn’t look threatening to score.

Pepe is frozen out and is massively inconsistent.

Saka has been meh to poor — he’s played a lot of minutes this calendar year.

Martinelli has been terrible when he played.

We’re somehow still looking at the market for solutions.


Looking at Jan where do we look to fill?

I’d say CF if there’s a decent opportunity.

I’d like another winger but the 4-4-2 makes things slightly awkward

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Striker and a midfielder still, Odegaard just don’t fit into our system right now, Sambi isn’t ready and just no to Xhaka.


Friends don’t let friends praise Granit Xhaka.


Saka goal comes from the training ground. Thats a tick for Arteta and his coaching.

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Martinelli over Pepe looking like the big brain move too. Funny people were posting pictures of Martinelli and Mikel in training together laughing it up so there’s probably a lot behind the scenes we don’t know.

Martinelli has always seemed to have a fantastic attitude so great to see him take his chance today in such stylish fashion.

If this team produced another 10% of aggression then this team is making the top 4 easily. The talent is there but they need to be more aggressive in attack, the senior players need to step up and encourage that .
After all the bashing Arteta has had , I’m included in this , I hope he becomes an Arsenal manager that delivers the silverware, Christ doesn’t Arteta deserves it

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Agree. Win more loose ball and an increase in tempo and you have a platform to build on. Consistency will come from them two things. It firstly makes you harder to beat.

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Only 12 more league games until we find out if I’m prepared to cut him some slack.

Look at how his face lit up when he heard Wenger. LOL.