Mikel Arteta

He beat our ass :man_shrugging:

No way he takes the job after the abuse he received at the end of his career here. Disgusting plane banners and aftv retards spewing hate against the great man while he’s always done well for us. He deserves to watch this dumpster fire from afar.

If Kroenke cares, Edus and Artetas heads roll. Ragnick comes in and Vinai goes back to being a management consultant working on commercial deals where he belongs. We need football people with years of experience ibuilding a successful footballing institution. We need a plan and a good coach. None of these rookies who pick fights with Guendouzi and Saliba.


Here here :clap:

He deserves to yes and most normal beings would definitely feel resentment. However Wenger is basically the football equivalent of Jesus. Yes the pharisees and sadducees blasphemed him and nailed him to a tree but Jesus said “Father forgive them because they know not what they are doing”. The headass Arsenal fanatics didn’t realize that Arsene was covering the sins of the club/board but they are starting to realize that now. Not that Arsene would care, I think he still loves the club so much he would come back and save us if we asked. The man isn’t preoccupied with his so called image, like so many insecure ppl out there. The man knows he’s a fucking God.


But unlike Jesus, Arsene dealt with more than one Judas over the years.


Although I have severe reservations about Arteta, tonight’s result was on the lack of quality shown by too many players especially in the final third.

Saka wasteful and another Lacazette shit show. Willian a non-event again (Arteta fucked up signing him). Thought Leno very weak on their goal too.

The players need to have a good look in the mirror.

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I don’t think he can avoid it anymore. We’ve been leaking goals like crazy for weeks and weeks.

Dread it, Run from it, 3ATB still arrives.

14 games without a clean sheet, is just absolutely absurd, struggling to get my head around it.


Curtains for Arteta here - for me.

Cannot believe we ousted Wenger for this diabolical nonsense…

Give me ‘Wenger in-decline’ over anything I’ve seen for the past 3 years.


If we don’t see Martinelli start on Sunday I’m going to be so disappointed. Arteta wasn’t content to destroy asset value with Saliba and Guendouzi, he’s going for Martinelli as well.


I don’t even care if we get through to the semis in the EL, there is a need for a massive change in the club. We are only going backwards under Arteta and am afraid there is not much further back to go without slipping into oblivion.

Would like to let go of a bunch of players along with him but at the very least, he has to go. He clearly isn’t able to get the best of these bunch of wankers.

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Well thank “god” this is as much a fairytale as the bible.


It seems like there will be no openings at the better clubs. Tuchel, Solskjaer, Koeman, Pochettino are going get at least another year I assume. It seems stupid not so throw money at him and just go after Allegri.

Or Bayern or Real has an agreement and it hasn’t come out yet.


"I think the players stepped in and gave absolutely everything. It’s a really difficult opponent to play with.

"The amount of duels and individual man to man situations they create, we managed that really well in certain moments.

Where does this guy get this crap from?


Love this :grin::joy:

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Arteta was a good player for us?! Omg. As much as the transfers of Fabregas and Nasri were the death of attractive football at Arsenal, his signing was also a huge reason for that. The fact that he needed his time on the ball, couldn’t play one-touch, wasn’t blessed with the same creative nous as Fabregas. The fact that Arteta and Ramsey were our midfielders for several years was the death of attractive football at Arsenal.


Yeah it’s a total myth that some people have been running with since the latter Arteta days that he was a good DM for us. The guy was a hack, he was slow, lacked physicality, didn’t really dictate play from a deeper position. He wasn’t a DM and he wasn’t a DLP he was an AM who was being shoehorned into a deeper position because Wenger didn’t want to address the longstanding problem we’d had since Gilberto/Flamini/Diarra left around the same time.


It was fucking frustrating. When he finally did adress it he brought Flamini back! He was proud of it too at the time.


Arteta is obviously delusional. If you think about it from a pyschological aspect he must be under loads of stress and he has to be delusional simply as a coping mechanism. He has to find positives and to try to spin things and get the players to collectively get behind his project.

The board need to put him out of his missery at the end of the season and actually have a plan this time. I somehow doubt they have any plans

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There isn’t another top club that would put up with what is happening to us and that’s why we’re behind all the other top clubs.

If you believe this situation can’t get any worse then just watch what Arteta can do after another transfer window and season.
He has dragged us down to this level already, just wait until next season when there is a player revolt and no decent player wants to come here.

What would it take for you to change your mind?

Isn’t a bottom half finish or being beaten by European minnows or being embarrassed by watching the same mistakes being made, or the same poor performances against relegation teams enough?

Seriously, what would it take for you to want him out?

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