Mikel Arteta

If we lose to Benfica, which having seeing he first leg is unlikely but we’re always capable of it, I think he should go. Maybe wait until the end of the season to buy yourself some time to get in the replacement, but two exits at the round of 32 stage in Europa would see any other manager sacked, including of this club. Imagine if Emery had gone out at the round of 32?

I know we aren’t out yet so in some ways this is a hypothetical, but we’re possibly 90 minutes away from it being a reality and if it happens, he has to go. There would be zilch to point to in his favour at that point.

I’m sure he’d argue that the FA Cup is proof of him being able to coach up the squad and that he needs more time and better players.

I think he should absolutely go if we get knocked out on Thursday. Rebuilding means sometimes eating shit but it’s okay if Arteta doesn’t work out. Rebuilding doesn’t mean we have to keep throwing our resources into Arteta just because some idiot on Twitter named LukeAFC6969 says “Oh you all wanted a rebuild but don’t like losing.” Yeah no shit, we don’t like losing. Soccer doesn’t have the luxury of a closed system like the NBA where you can really strip a team down and rebuild over two or three years.

We know Arteta has little to no finesse in his man management game.

We know he prefers scripted attacking and micromanaging to a dumping six attackers on the pitch.

We know he’s been burned bad in the transfer market and spent more than half a season doubling down on his mistake.

We know he has no real plan to get the attack functioning beyond stumbling into a system with a ten.

Based on that, do you give him money in the summer? If the answer is no than why keep him. IDK that Edu can fire him or that Edu could buy a player Arteta doesn’t want. We made a huge mistake promoting him and another big mistake not sacking Edu along with Raul. I’d be far more inclined to keep Arteta another season if we had an experienced DoF who was empowered to fire him and make transfer decisions above his head. That’s how you avoid a Willian-like fiasco.

I don’t think I trust Arteta to really evolve here. Maybe he’ll do a Luis Enrique and wind up winning a treble somewhere and make us all look like fools but I really don’t think this team should be playing like this. If he couldn’t motivate them to focus in the first three minutes of the match then how much do you think the players are listening to him at all?


Pep has been at City since mid-2016.
Arteta has been here since late-2019.

Most of City’s players are already well versed on what Pep wants.

Pep had won numerious trophies and awards before joining City. He has a supreme resume.
Arteta had ZERO experience as manager and chief coach. One word… NOVICE, or ROOKIE.
Should they be treated the same?
Experience won’t guarantee you (instant) success, but trusting a NOVICE is like trying to win the grand prize by buying just one lottery ticket.

I assume you know, good to be one of the coaching staff members, has nothing do to as qualifying as a head coach.

This Pep’s praise is just out of control, and more and more it looks like Pep just simply did not watch our games closely and don’t know what the fuck is going on with our club, what we are going through.

If Arteta needs a few windows to get “better” players, we can just hire anybody to take this job.
A manager/coach that can only survive in a perfect scenario is not a good one at all.
Of course, what kind of football and results we will have, after buying his own favorites, is still a huge unknown.


Did you reply to both my posts with one reply? :joy:
I was confused for a sec what one had to do with the other but then remembered the other post where Pep praises him.

To be fair to Arteta, he did turn it around last season by winning the FA Cup against all odds. From what we hear too, he seems highly regarded by many in football, not just Pep. So there’s definitely something about him. He isn’t just some random guy.

Personally, as I have said before I wouldn’t sack Arteta this season unless he somehow relegates us(:sweat_smile:).
He should be however be given the Lampard treatment next season. Certain expectations should be set by the club, if there are signs of collapse again the club should pull the plug.

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For me, the situation is no different than yesterday. I want him to succeed but the results aren’t nearly good enough and there are major reasons to doubt him at this point so give him until the end of the year and if he hasn’t produced a turnaround that inspires true confidence going forward, he should get the sack.


I won’t disagree of what you said… especially won’t have him fired this season… no point

By the way, sorry to reply here and there… this could be confusing…
I am just an lazy ass…


When Wenger was manager, the managers at the top of the league, Ferguson and Mourinho, couldn’t stand him because he had success without massive spending and they would both would constantly goad and criticise him.
That’s when you know you have a good manager because he is a threat to you.

Arteta is languishing in mid table and Guardiola strolled past us to pick up another three points.
So it would seem we are no threat to him at all and he doesn’t want to upset his friend.

It’s interesting that Guardiola thinks that Arteta “knows everything about football,” because, where would we be like if he didn’t?
The Championship?


I’m sure it’s even true. He probably does know an absolute fuck load about the game. But it’s essentially meaningless if he can’t translate that into an effective way for the team to operate, which it has been clear for some time is the case.


He is a threat to Arsenal tbf


I’m imposying myself to not speak a single word until the end of the next season.

Still don’t know who’s guilty for this mess. Don’t know if the board members, coach and players are the right men who can help Arsenal to make step forwards.

Time will tell.


Kroenke, a man who knows nothing about football, choosing a complete novice for one of the top jobs in football, is why we’re in this mess.

It’s like having Stevie Wonder as a navigator and letting him choose a baggage handler as the pilot because it’s cheaper.
A baggage handler might have seen a lot of planes but that doesn’t mean he can fly them.


Win or lose - retaining this scrub is unforgivable.


30minutes to save his career.

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Staring down the barrel at back to back early exits in a tournament a shot to pieces Wenger got us to the semis in and Emery took us to the final in.


Of all the players, Willian?

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Has to be gone by the end of the season, simple as that.

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Matt Nagy, Kroenkes. Matt Nagy.

I really hope the Ceballos mistakes don’t overshadow this awfulness.