Mikel Arteta


The players are back to being shit I guess.

‘one bad day at the office’

We’ve lost 8 games :arteta:



I dont know who or what you buy for this system. I literally dont have a clue what we are trying to achieve or create.
We all seem to have players we dont like. Me its Dani and Xhaka. Others its Willian or Pepe or Laca. Truth is though when we all put bias aside nothing or nobody works. Therefore you can only put it on Arteta. Honestly dont see anybody coming in and turning this side around with this gameplan. Nobody or nothing fits it.
No room to express themselves and playing at such a pedestrian pace. No players are going to enjoy this and giving a side that is key for getting the best out of any team.
Really is nothing to back him on or give him time for if we are persevering with this robotic micro managing football.


Arteta was lucky to face some bad teams, including under performing Chavs, to get some wins.

Okay, we win some winnable games, but lost a bunch, tied a few…
Genius may not be under achieving but sure is not over achieving.
We are average as fuck, inconsistent as fuck, and boring as fuck.

His grade so far should be a F, stands for fuck.


Definitely. Any excitement I’ll have of potential creative/attacking midfielders coming to the club will be swiftly doused in flames. You just know they’ll have a game or two to flourish, like ESR and then revert into this suffocating cocoon that Arteta likes so much.


His decision to take out Ceballos instead of Xhaka last night is the epitome of his tenure so far, clearly has favourites and seems like he is not watching the game at all, we were so slow and lacked any urgency/ verticality.

Ceballos was the only man on the pitch who tried to play a vertical/ killer pass, he even carried a ball successfully couple of times, but no he leaves Xhaka who offered nothing and almost cost us the game in the end.

Fuck Arteta and his non - negotiable culture.


As much as anything in the last few years at the top of football now you need to dictate the tempo of games.
We never really try doing this. In many ways if you think about this we haven’t for years.
Now I know someone might post stats on Wenger side having more possession or something. You don’t have one measuring tempo though and it’s something we don’t try to do and it’s a glaring fault.
Unless the opposition is low on confidence and skill we are very rarely going too win many games.
We end up in dog fights whose tactics are negated easily. We then don’t have a midfielder who can come up with a goal to add anything to our pedestrian system.


Not sure if I was watching the same match. :sweat_smile:
Ceballos, Holding and Bellerin were getting rinsed on demand by Palace. They didn’t even try making it hard for Zaha.
Xhaka uncharacteristically put a defensively solid performance.
If someone was gonna cost us the game out of the two last night it was Ceballos.


Yeah agree here. Xhaka was sloppy on the ball but did get back a few times rectifying mistakes. Had a bit of a battle with Zaha too.
Zaha had a poor performance as well last night. Falling over like a prick all game.

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Xhaka was good defensively it has to be sad, if we wanted to get a goalless draw Vs Palace then kudos to Arteta,
This is one of the major issues for us, if you look at what Bruno Fernandes has done for united, he is poor defensively and loses the ball or misplaces the pass not rarely, however he is always taking risks looking to make something happen and most of the times it pays off.


Artetaball :grin:


Just overload the left! It can’t go wrong!


The points about his system being the issue are completely valid and significant because it affects how effective any creative midfield signing would be. Say what you will about Xhaka and Ceballos but they have the ability to play more progressive passes than what they’re doing.

Whatever stability Arteta is trying to achieve with this deep possession football is stifling any ability we have to threaten teams when going forward.

It’s not just ability here it’s the set up and coaching. Arteta has to go.


I’m not defending him as that’s an awful statistic in anyone’s book.

But I’m curious to know if the winning % of teams league wide this season is down at all compared to other seasons due to no fans in the stadiums.

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One thing I have to give Arteta big credit for is seeing through this Lacazette patch. At least he knows that Lacazette isn’t firing us to top 4 as starting striker.

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…lost 8 games. EIGHT fucking games. When you actually lose the games you’re not good defensively.


:100: :+1:t4::joy::rofl: most underrated comment of 2021

I’ve read constantly that, although we are poor in our attacking play, our defence looks a lot more solid but the fact is it’s no better than it’s been for the last few seasons.
Just because we have let in fewer goals means nothing if we’re losing games.

I can remember under Wenger where it would take us more than two seasons to lose eight matches yet Arteta has achieved that after sixteen games.

I can’t see anything in the way we play, either offensively or defensively, that makes me think he shouldn’t be replaced.


It’s probably more we don’t get overrun but it comes at the price of being pragmatic on the ball.
We have more players between the ball and goal but defensively are easy enough to play through and around and create against.

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The state of our fucking season. If we win tonight, and of the remaining 19 games another 10, with 5 draws. We normally end up around 7th! A record of 10-5-4 in the 2nd half of the season remains a big if. He shouldn’t have a job.