Mikel Arteta

Could easily say that Xhaka’s mate went down like a cunt. Or that the kid Guendou was laughing at about wages nearly crippled our goalie and deserved more abuse. Instead he turns it on our players.

He can’t alienate everyone. Dressing room will be gone by Xmas at this rate.


Partly true, They’ve shown a real willingness to support the manager, the issue is they’ve missed on their last two picks.

It’s a big problem Arteta get the job ahead of other more qualified and proven candidates. The thought process/logic that went into selecting Arteta is completely flawed


First Guendouzi, then Ozil, now Pepe

who’s next on the Impoteta mismanagement trainwreck?

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Not sure. Does anybody really trust in the board here.
Granted there is investment. FSG took time too find the blue print. Wasn’t just Klopp. Has to be a full shake up.
Liverpool bringing in Edwards over Ian Ayre and different approach gets you a Klopp.
Where doing bits but it’s clearly net enough yet.


That’s fair. I think Edu is a fraud who should not be in his current position


Should the club have just done a proper rebuild 2018? They’re still clearly obsessed with CL football and are prepared to extend 30+ year old players, not sell Lacazette and increase squad depth with players like Sokratis, Cedric, Willian and Luiz.

Partey also not a long-term investment.

Will the club be forced to just give up and try to follow Dortmund’s model?


I personally have no problem with Arteta slating Pepe after the match. It was a dumb red and there’s no point mincing words about it. If Pepe can’t handle or accept that himself then we have well and truely been hustled like mugs.

The tactics, style of football etc is a whole new can of worms.


They haven’t followed that model (partially)? Gabriel, Saliba, Tierney, Martinelli, Guendouzi, Torreira under 23 buys and extensive minutes for Saka, Maitland-Niles and Willock.

Exactly, my friend. Exactly.

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That’s fair, although I just don’t see the point under the circumstances… seems a bit like hiding behind it given how pathetic our football is and has been.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying Pepe was stupid today, he was. He got goaded into making making a silly mistake that hurt the team.

This would all be fine if this was a singular occurrence by Arteta/the club. But we all know it isn’t, and probably won’t be the last.

This and the Guendou situation really just look like someone detracting from larger issues by attacking the players. Yet no one gets called out for playing poorly. Priorities aren’t in check at all and our morale is going in the shitter. If I was Pepe I certainly wouldn’t want to play for Arteta or this club. Won’t be long before it’s Auba, or Leno and we’re just left with Hale End rejects playing for Mikel.

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What’s the use of half assing it tho? We don’t need to get Auba back on massive wages if that money could be spent on potential assets. We arent smart enough to do the Dortmund model anyways lmao so its a futile discussion.


I completely agree, Arteta gets no passes either. Didn’t want to make it sound like Pepe can expense another gutless performance and the way our manager has set us up again because ultimately he takes all the responsibility.

I just feel when the red was that stupid, he shouldn’t need to feel protected for a decision that could have cost the team.

Both get 2 thumbs down from me today.


They are not half assing it. It isn’t like Dortmund doesn’t buy older players (back). Hummels, Meunier, Can, Witsel, Schurrle, Delaney, Yarmolenko were all 28+. Collecting the talent also takes time.

Saliba, Guendouzi, Torreira are not part of Arteta’s plans. Maitland-Niles probably isn’t either and I don’t know what future Willock has. Not even sure if Arteta likes Martinelli that much.

How many of these players will either be sold for lots of money or be a part of a side good
enough to at least finish top 4?

I’m just not seeing the long-term planning that you see.

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Oh. The execution is failing, definitely. Doesn’t mean there isn’t any long term planning.

I’ve defended Arteta a lot at times but now I can’t deny its impossible to see where he goes from here. I just can’t see how he can get us controlling games in the premier league or against top continental teams when we progress further in the EL.

The performances in the prem are just horrible 15th place standard things.

Very little hope in us taking 3 points off a mediocre Wolves next week.

He’s not been helped by Auba and Laca trying to do an impression of being the worst forwards in the league in recent weeks.

Hopeless absolutely hopeless


Mid table clubs have more sense than to hire a rookie.

Arteta again quoting from the Wenger book of quotes to say after a poor performance.

The amazing thing is, Arteta is longer odds than Mourinho, Smith and Lampard to get the sack.
How is that right?


Get this Moyes clone out of our club already.

Piece of shit.