Mikel Arteta

yeah and the Semi Final of the EL. Probably woulda won in 2018 had he been our Manager.

Galatasary say hello.

Well we won in 06’ but we woulda won more had we not been fucked over by the refs so much. We were going through against lolpool too before a dodgy pen call.

How are you so confident he wants to play better stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I want him to want to play better but what have we really seen to suggest that? The West Ham match, maybe?

You don’t learn your trade under Pep to play 5-4-1 and make you 70m winger play next to your full back for the majority of the game.

The reality is, we don’t have the personnel to play the football he wants to play just yet. In a recent interview he basically alluded to that notion.


You keep me optimistic about Arteta haha


Hmm, sounds like Arteta is willing to let Guendouzi go

(Please not to a domestic rival :crossed_fingers:)

Which positions need to upgraded for Arteta to deploy his ideals?

It’s essentially AM, CM and LW?

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100%. Midfield needs a huge upgrade.

We struggle to maintain possession because we don’t have a functioning midfield to do so. We have to play counter attacking football till we have players that will complete above 90-95% of their passes in midfield. Right now I think only Ozil is capable of that IMO.

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I think it will be interesting to see if he can impose a new style in the next year. Think any coach would struggle with this bunch of players although find some of his decisions bizarre eg David Luiz backing despite repeated errors.

He certainly hasn’t worked a miracle yet but maybe he’ll get the team to push on next season.

Dont worry wherever he goes he’ll be on the bench

massively over rated

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All those 3 you mention should be able to get us to play attractive football.

We’d also need CB and probably a RB to make us a successful side though.


The quote doesn’t seem remotely believable.

Manager weeps on the field? :roll_eyes:


I believe it :+1::+1:

I seen Sanè say it himself on SSN earlier.


Just sounds bizarre. Grown ass man supposed to be one of the great all time coaches crying on the pitch because he can’t get through to the players?:roll_eyes:

I’ll take the player at his word I guess, but if this is true, Pep is much more of a scrub than I thought.

Even with him leaving, Citeh can just buy a bunch more players with nearly unlimited funds. I’m sure that there are plenty of players that will take Sane’s place that are on/above/near his level.


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actually a pretty funny quote