Mikel Arteta

Yeah well we didnt need Covid19 to tell us that lol


not to mention the players, but all the other auxillary staff as well…crazy.

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Yeah Arsenal cannot play anymore this season

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Get well soon Boss, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Season simply must get suspended now.

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This has suddenly become too real and serious. While I am confident Arteta and the players will recover given how young and healthy they are, can’t say the same about the rest of the staff. What about the number of people that they would have come in contact with? Families, journalists, fans.

Wish them all a speedy recovery.


We need Wenger more than ever. He was responsible for six times as many as this. Is a Coronoavirus carrying Arteta up to this task? No chance.

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Yes I wanted it to go away & was delusional about it but couldn’t escape the reality; and when it happens to Arteta, this is just further evidence of how much we should avoid social contact for couple of months

I’ve been preparing for the corona virus all my life :slight_smile:


You and me brother.

Get well soon, Mikel.


Hope we can get regular updates. Would hate to not hear anything for ages on Mikel. Hope he gets mild symtoms at worst and recovers quickly.

As you wish… :slightly_smiling_face:



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That’s actually quite sweet haha



A message from Arteta’s wife


A big interview from Arteta which was put up on the Arsenal website tonight:

Arteta on coronavirus, isolation and recovery

He talks about topics such as how his recovery went, his communication with the players, spending more time with his kids and how the world is coping in general

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Way down the list of priorities given the damage this virus has caused globally but another one to add to the list is the fact we probably don’t start next season with Arteta having been given a long enough exposure to fabricate his concepts onto the team and club.

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