Mikel Arteta (fuck out!)

Anyone who happens to be in the LA area, I dunno if I’ve mentioned before but I live 200 yards from the beach fuck it we will make it a beach party, LETS FUCKIN GOOOOOOOO :fu::fu::grin::grin::fu::fu::clown_face::clown_face::joy::joy:


So not only is this guy a shit manager, he’s also a liar. Why say Tierney and Lacazette are in contention to play in the semi final and then after say they’re not gonna be back for a few more games??

Because they were but only an outside chance probably.
Could of broken down and didn’t want too rule them out earlier.
Plenty to have a go at him for but can’t call him on this really.

If he doesn’t think they’re gonna be ready, don’t fucking say anything at all. Don’t say everyone is in contention when they clearly aren’t

That’s the most effective thing he’s done all season.


He’s a cool motherfucker

Arteta talking Dani up here. Seriously worrying again now.

Do not waiver my lord, your teachings will soon spread across this land.

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Well if we go out Thursday he will have to throw him under the bus and blame him.



Didn’t Ornstein say that we’ll have more funds to play with in the summer than others as well?
Granted, it could be because of sales but if they’re confident they can actually sort that out quickly rather than leave it late in the season then that’ll be great, and something we haven’t been able to do so before.


What is this guy talking about?

Probably the Ceballos sending off but odd way to convey it from someone so astute at the English language.



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As usual, shit.

Tbf playing with Dani in midfield and Xhaka at leftback adds up to playing with ten. If only Arteta was in a position to not have done that.

Astute at the English language perhaps, but not so astute at being a football manager!

Arteta calls on Arsenal fans to give team ‘great’ welcome amid new Kroenke protest plans | Goal.com

Basically he is not manager of Arsenal, but a servant, or dick rider of Kroenke


Yeah, I think that’s part of the club’s downfall. Back when there was no majority owner, but rather a board of shareholders, Wenger actually had a lot more power, perhaps the most power within the club. As long as the board members were sufficiently happy with the way the club was going, Wenger had decision power over most of the club’s concerns. None of them were overly involved in the club (most of them simply inherited the shares).

But as soon as a single majority stakeholder took over, he was now the boss and the manager was a simple employee. This affects the power dynamics and incentive structure at the club. As a manager, it’s no longer your club, your project, your team, you’re simply executing someone else’s orders.