Mike "Cunt" Riley and his Cabal of Cunts

Think a few have said it wasn’t a red tbh.


Sure, but that’s not the point right? This is a foul, regardless of wether or not Leno should be more physical in those kind of duels.


Yeah I think that’s a foul, saka’s wasn’t though. He wasn’t getting the ball so he Jamie vardy’d it like he’s done several times before successfully and wrongly

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Hey, referees miss stuff. They’re not deliberately inconsistent.

Seriously, our players are making more mistakes per person, per match than any of the referees in the EPL right now.

If you want inconsistency 6-0 v WBA, 0-5 v Man City seems like a good starting point.

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To be fair, our consistency in the PL this season is excellent. :grinning:

Cool. That’s why we got VAR, right? Oh wait, that’s just as inconsistent.

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What are people’s thoughts on the 2nd goal ? When Chambers got hit in the face off the ball ?

The sort of one that gets given if it’s against certain clubs :grin::grin::grin:


Like you said, he gets hit in the face. That is it off the ball doesn’t change it (or can you hit people in the face all game long as long as the ball is nowhere close?). It is a foul, all day long.

I’m sure there are other clubs that experience the same thing and because we are focuses on Arsenal it may feel like conspiracy which it won’t be. But there are so many decisions to think of off the top of my head over the last couple of seasons that makes you realise how shit the refs in the PL are.

For example, compare the tackle on Pepe vs West Ham with Xhaka’s tackle.

Or just compare Xhaka’s tackle vs Swansea (?) to all other cinical tackles that you see every week.

So frustrating.

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VAR is shit. It’s not helping referees, players, fans or anyone.
But the pundits on the tele told us it would solve everything.
So here we are.


Remember when Mark Halsey came out and said that the referees get instructed by the PGMOL to say they hadn’t seen certain incidents and vice versa?

So when even former PL referees have suggested corruption, I’m fine with fans thinking there is some sort of agenda.

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I remember that quote, he had to back-peddle somewhat to clarify elements of what he said. Sadly the damage was done in the minds of those with confirmation bias, looking for examples of “corruption” in the English game.

If a referee has been told to “not see something” and didn’t immediately report it to the FA (he didn’t) and the police (he didn’t) then that referee is not fit to take the whistle. Maybe Halsey feels it was better to wait, let it slide and then tweet about it when he had got a book coming out.

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That Matt Scott is an Arsenal fan.

To be fair you have to stamp out the sort of accidental touches we saw from the likes of Luiz against Wolves last season. Meanwhile the Burnley boys just ain’t those sort of players.


Remember when we used to hear that all the time about insert players name in the days after they’d broken one of our players legs

That our manager isn’t any good?

This wasn’t even given as a foul apparently :grin:


There’s a clear difference in the way Arsenal are refereed and the way Burnley are.

I disagree with Neville’s assertion that Brownhill’s challenge is the same as the one on Harvey Elliot. Brownhill doesn’t jump into the challenge for starters.