Mike "Cunt" Riley and his Cabal of Cunts

I will consider this season a success if arsenal players, for once, start crowding the ref and getting in their faces.

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Been an agenda for years

In this case the difference is that stones was covering, which means it wasn’t an obvious goal scoring opportunity no?

If dias didn’t pull him arm, stones would’ve probably intercepted his heavy touch anyway.

I’m pretty sure I’m right, so why is he purposely being thick to gain attention?

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Mike Dean: Referee notifies police over death threats to family - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55981926

Dean might be awful but there’s no need for this.

The FA really need to do something in the off-season to overhaul refereeing.

They’re far too arrogant to do it but they should bring in someone from the DFB to start re-educating refs and really professionalize them.

Introducing hot mics so the crowd can hear the refs. I’m sure you’d get far less “Gazza” and “Wazza” if everyone can hear the refs palling around with English players but being dickheads to non English players.

And the refs absolutely need to have more transparent consequences for mistakes.


Not buying that on the English and foreign players dialogue.
Don’t English players have bad decisions given against them.

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I don’t know about foreign vs domestic players but I think there are some pretty easy ways the FA could improve the system, especially with regards to transparency, accountability, and consistency.

  1. Give the match day referee the ability and responsibility to use the VAR system himself, rather than passing the buck to somebody not even in the stadium.

  2. Make within-match consistency a greater point of emphasis for refereeing decisions. For example, once Pawson decided not to give a penalty when Saka got clattered in the box against Wolves, he should never be giving a penalty to Wolves unless the contact was really extreme.

  3. Post-match each referee should be asked to fill out a form in which they briefly describe their reasoning behind the 3-4 biggest decisions in the match.

  4. Those decisions should be evaluated and scored as correct/incorrect by a group of outside referees who are tasked with being as non-biased as possible (ie, not looking just to defend every referee) and the report of that assessment should be made public. The current match delegate appraisal system fails on all these counts.

  5. Establish a clear performance standard in terms of getting big calls right over the course of the season and referees that fall below the standard should get demoted.


More fuel to the ‘Arsenal are unjustly refereed’ fire…


Going to have to start a drinking game for whenever he pulls a bias out of his arse or mentions pashun whenever an English player is complimented


Just out of interest is the any sport where referees are interviewed after games?

You’d be smashed early doors :joy:


I think it’s pretty clear that guys like Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard and Henderson got easy rides from the refs. It’s easier to see it as an outsider.


None of them play for Arsenal, I and all Arsenal fans hated them whilst they were playing. So why does it make it easier to see as an “outsider” ? I genuinely couldn’t hate a player more than Gerrard. The Swan diving prick, Salah currently does the same thing and is also getting away with it.

I’d love to see the stats in this to back up this bias. Players like kante haven’t received a red card but Gerrard got one in about 35 seconds once.

The whole point of me saying I think they got easy rides from the refs is that there are no stats. It’s just what I think. I think English refs were and are very lenient towards English national team players. Harry Kane gets a ton of leeway for example, when he pulls out his patented table topping move.

My point wasn’t that no English players get penalized. My point was that I’d want a hot mic on the ref so we could hear how they spoke with players. Are they too chummy with some players? Are they rude and disrespectful? I think having that transparency would be great. My belief is that, yes, the refs are probably a little too friendly with the guys from the English national team and that on the whole it results in some favorable decisions.


If we have a mic on the ref it’s going too be the players who come out the more disrespectful. Christ knows how bad it would be if we do the fourth official.

That’s cool you have your opinion on that, my disagreement is how you say its pretty clear and that it’s easier to see as an outsider. Doesn’t really make much sense to me dude, considering we all hate those players.

Doesn’t matter how they speak to players along as they stick with the rules which again I’ve never noticed bias at all. Lacazette performs the Kane special almost every game and never gets punished.

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Rooney was one who definitely should have got more red cards than he did.

Dirty, fat, granny-shagging Scouser


Paul Scholes is another. I always got super frustrated when pundits would laugh off his tackling. He was a really dirty player. But that’s more of a gripe I have with English pundits and media coverage.


If I was Arsenal CEO I would be seriously investigating suing the referees organisation and asking a judge to review the decisions over an extended period to see if there is bias. Just compare Bednarek red card being rescinded versus Luiz and look at Arsenal players getting demolished in the box and being awarded nothing

Recent years have been a joke but it’s not fashionable in the media to defend Arsenal

Too many prick pundits like Michael Owen on there loving seeing us down in the dumps so no pressure builds on the refs to address their bias (even if sub-conscious).


Arsenal arent bothering anybody. Nobody gives zero fucks about us. We dont fucking register on anybody radar.