Miguel Almiron


Except he looks shite


We need another CM and wing attacker but rather we get Bailey or Pavon or one of a few other targets. If we’re persisting with Xhaka, maybe Torr, Xhaka, AMN, El Neny are enough for 2 spots behind Ozil, but I’d rather see more upgrades there regardless of Ramsey situation.


Oh well in that case he’s exactly a Wenger transfer.


he looks kinda good in this video

if he can pull off some of this stuff in the EPL i think he would be worth a punt


Technically he just doesn’t look talented to me. It’s a highlight clip where there’s footage of him dribbling and then they don’t show the end of the move because he’s obviously cocked it up.

The long shot goals look good until you realise there’s no pressure on him at all and he takes 4 shots per game so he must be skyrocketing it most of the time.

There’s so much time and space in the MLS that he wouldn’t get in the PL

Anyway hasn’t he just got a serious injury?


I think you’re off a bit. Almiron doesn’t sky many shots. His strengths are passing in close quarters, pace and his left foot.

The injury is considered a “minor” hamstring issue, with him expected back for the playoffs.

As I posted earlier, the real concern with him would be the more physical nature of the EPL. Also, I’m not sure how he would be primarily on the wing. And yes, the EPL would be a leap up. He’s intriguing at age 24 and I think that he’ll get a shot in one of the euro leagues, even if he isn’t what Arsenal needs and certainly not at the price it would take to get him.

Here’s the ATL prez quashing the rumors:


Reports in Argentina says that Atlanta close the deal for Pity Martínez, who plays a similar position to Almirón. Just saying…



Yeah, it’s done.


Is it done? I thought I saw something saying Atlanta hadn’t received any serious offers for him.


River Plate’s Martinez mentioned being off to Atlanta within the last week (for 17 million or so) after a club cup deal and he plays a similar position to Almiron.



Welcome to Arsenal! :joy::ok_hand: