Mesut Özil

Would be good to see better pictures before making a judgement, but they don’t look great imo.

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Human rights Ozil the first relevant footballer to comment on this.


Is he talking about big games of Fortnite?



Mesut Ozil is happy to grab a quick PR win right now given his current team are never going to compete at such a high level. Like the rest of these guys, you’d imagine if he was still a fixture at Arsenal or Real Madrid he’d keep his mouth shut.

Not interested in any of this faux outrage from people like Ozil, Podolski and Herrera (who’s club are only not involved because of the WC in 2022 and the CL rights that BEIN sports).

I’m interested in hearing opposition from players / managers who will actually be involved.


Might have to disagree here regarding Ozil, he has upset Arsenal with things he has said publicly before. I think it’s possible he still publicly declares those views even if he was still at a club that’s going to play in the ESL.

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He upset Arsenal in support of a dictator currently running Turkey. He’s got huge Muslim support so that’s primarily where most of his loyalty lies. Erdogan and the Muslim community. He’d happily take part in the ESL if he were still at Arsenal.


I didn’t say he wouldn’t take part in it, I think all the players that can will take part in it, regardless of if they agree or not, at the end of the day it’s true that money talks bullshit walks.

So the point I’m making that he wouldn’t be criticising it if he were going to be taking part in it for Arsenal and Real Madrid stands then.

He’s a glorified PR machine at this stage.

Not really, Klopp has let his feelings known, are you saying it’s a given he won’t be at Liverpool next season ?

Ozil is just salty that he’s irrelevant and Arsenal aren’t.

Bit unreasonable this.
At the end of the day, Our job is the only source of income for all of us.

If my industry domain does something which is monopolistic and doesn’t align with my ethical codes, I am not really in place to quit and find a new organization because switching job is hard as it is, let alone if you want to blacklist a whole domain where my expertise lie.

Yes these footballers will partake in Super League if given a chance and yes they will extract as much wages as well; but that doesn’t mean they genuinely don’t see the issue with ESL and are not genuinely protesting.




Even I would feel that joke is beneath me.

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It’s a funny joke. But it’s Özil so I won’t give him the satisfaction.