Mesut Özil (10)


If Wenger told them then I would imagine they would have trouble taking anything he says seriously.
He says a lot of things, and a lot of them don’t come true, no matter how often and how insistent he is.


DOnt even think we are getting Mahrez, apparently there is a video somewhere where he is saying that Chavski are a proper team, or something to that effect! Dont think Mahrez is the biggest problem we have though desperately need a CAM, would love Isco but he wont be leaving RM anytime soon.


We could get Mahrez if Sanchez leaves because Wenger knows that will be the bare minimum supporters will tolerate.
Also, I’m not sure Chelsea want Mahrez because most of their budget will go on a striker and a CB.



Why does this guy still use taxpayers money to steal a living?


This is the guy who was baffled as to why James Morrison (which numerous Scottish caps) has never been selected to play for England, so nothing he says surprises me anymore.


Garth Crooks is a dire pundit. Like the algae of pundits


Garth Crooks is a joke.

One day he’ll wake up and have an epiphany, an awakening you might call it, and look in the mirror after having read some of his material over the last few years, and he’ll finally realise what a contemptuous twat he really is.

The fact that you can seriously write and publish such tripe and utter dross is amazing to me, and shows how far the levels of journalistic integrity have fallen.


He has been magnificent tonight :heart:


Unreal tonight :heart_eyes:


Love watching Ozil when he plays like this. Just a class above everyone else on the pitch.




Baller :wink:



Could have had several assists last night, simply toyed with the black cats.


He is very good at putting in the performances against the Sunderlands of the Premier League especially when it already doesn’t matter.


Yeah, he has to improve when it comes to the likes of City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United and Tottenham. Still a very good player to have though.




He has goals and/or assists against every single team you mention above.

The team has to collectively improve in those games. If the team improves, the forwards do too. Tactically we are always left wanting away from home and that restricts the ability of players like Ozil, who rely on collecting the ball in the final third of the pitch, to make a big impact in those games.


Yeah i was gonna say the same. Özil does struggle in matches where our team as a whole struggles, however he’s had fantastic performances against some good teams. Wish I had a gif of when he skinned Kante earlier in the year, he was key in that match when we battered Chelsea.


Only Arsenal fans and british media can question one of the best players in the World.