Mesut Özil (10)

Waste dispozil unit.


Don’t just freaking look at “28 games” …

How many games he started, how many game he was a sub and having limited minutes, how many games he was brought in when when we leading and when we were trailing… and most importantly, how many touches he had and the tactics was fit for his play.

Emery could play him 100 games and 90 minutes per game a season, if the fucking tactics is to attack though the flanks and letting Xhaka bombing the long pass to the forwards and bypassing midfield/Ozil… don’t matter how Ozil work hard, he will not get any shit assist as the attack was running through him like in the past.

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Give me a fucking break he has had a lot of time in these games to give more than fucking 2 assists he is meant to be elite…fucking joe willock has done more in less minutes get off his fucking dick for christs sake!


OA members putting in more work arguing about Mesut Ozil than he himself actually does on the pitch.


Ozil is a parasite sucking top wages out the club. Not training properly. Inviting murderous Erdogan to his wedding. He’s not fit to wear the shirt. Never really was.

Every season ticket holding mate of mine thought he wasn’t worth the contract at the time. The only fan I know personally who wanted him still at the time was my son Don Emery but now even he doesn’t understand what Ozil is still doing at the club. The rest of us thought for quite some time he was a lazy tosser with little pride in his performance on his great fat wages.

He even fell out with his national team with whom he won a world cup which just shows how toxic the guy is. Ozil may have been good once but he has been indifferent at best (one good performance followed by 1 bad one or more in general) across his time at Arsenal and positively dreadful value for money.


He was still in our top 2 players from 2015-2017 and Alexis himself had shedloads of flaws/sins that were masked over by allowing him creative freedom. The season Alexis scored 30 and assisted 15 he was told he could do the fuck whatever he wanted and we’d constantly play him in. For every goal he was apart of he must have lost the ball 20 times.

Ozil was kind of the counter balance, rarely loses the ball and typically picks the ideal pass opening up play but doesn’t beat numerous players and score wonder goals like Alexis would.

Alexis would have succeeded to some extent under Guardiola though. Ozil would still be playing to a decent standard and output under Wenger.

Is Ozil perfect? No. Has Emery wasted a 350k a week player while playing turgid football? Absolutely. And I’m an Arsenal fan, so I hope Emery getting his wingbacks back transform us and we succeed without Ozil.

But as for ‘Arsenal has no balls and a manger with a dated formula’ - seriously when you look at the formula we’re playing with right now? Really?

Again at the time no one said they were unhappy about one of our top 2 players re-signing.

350k sounds like a shedload and it is, but to sign a decent CAM do you expect to spend less than 72 million including a fee and wages over 4 years?

The situation it has come to is depressing and that’s part on Ozil and a large part on a stuburn Emery.

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No this is also part of the myth of Ozil. The he always picks the perfect pass and never wastes the ball.
Although a good technical footballer he only demonstrated that when teams allow. This then leads to the other arguments by his fans that the team never set up right. With English football employing more of a pressing game he’s become more redundant.
I also believe he has underlying injury problems which probably impacts on his overall ability to reach peak fitness which is essential in today’s game.


The situation at this point is pretty clear cut. Emery doesn’t like Ozil. Emery might be here for the next 1,5 years. Ozil needs to go because of that to make room for others / because he gets old / being benched is just a waste for everybody.

Everything else is just recycling the same shit. He lazy, let’s his shoulders hang blablabla.

Emery doesn’t like Ozilablablablabla


That’s just facts.

The Earth is flat kind of fact you mean

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God lets hope Emery isn’t here for another 1.5 years, Arsenal have wasted enough time in recent years no point doing it for another 18 months.

So then we have to question the players attitude as a footballer who shows no interest in pursuing his career.

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Sanhelli has said Emery doesn’t like his work rate…

@Stroller sometimes a manager/player relationship just doesn’t work out. We are witnessing one of those instances. I don’t get why we make such a big deal out of it. This regime seems to have faith in Emery. Ozil needs to go because of that.

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Well yes the relationship is broken. We have only speculation as to why that is from either side.
It’ll always be a crime to me when players don’t want to play.

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The manager not liking the player’s work ethic and attitude vs not liking the player or the person are completely different things though. It was always a case of Ozil adjusting to what is demanded of him, which he clearly failed/refused to do.

I just don’t like the implication there was any personal disdain involved in how Emery has been treating Ozil. It’s quite clearly a case of Ozil failing to address what is professionally required of him, acting like he’s bigger than the manager and even the club.

I do agree with you though, Ozil needs to go.


A manager/player relationship in my mind is bit different than other professional relationships. Stating that it comes down to a player refusing to play is really simplifiying the situation.

I think it’s a bit naieve to think that stuff like that doesn’t have it’s effects on a personal level @Gladiator.

@Aussiegooner I think it’s inevitable we qualify for the Champions League and Emery gets his one year option.

Rightly or wrongly the manager picks the players he wants.
Even if said player feels harshly done to he surely asks to move.
Speculation on my part but I think he’s happy wasting his career and causing a bit of discontent and knowing any bad results will bring his name into the mix on the press.

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When Brailsford was building team Sky into a cycling Tour de France winning super power it was out of the question that under performers who would not enthusiastically adapt to what was asked of them and who were not desperate to compete would be kept around in the set up.

All chronic under/inconsistent performers must be shipped out if Arsenal are to become a football super power. Ozil is just another example of where the club sprays money in the wrong direction for years on end. Arsenal need to follow the Team Sky example (without the doping allegations) and stop putting good money after bad with those who never make the grade.

Ozil more often than not failed in the big matches so was an obvious mistake called out by many fans at the time to extend him at the club especially on such a mega contract. No other top football club wanted him at the time and his attitude is so toxic that not even a bad one wants him now. Anyone defending him and the contract extension needs their head examined or perhaps must be a Spuds fan.