Mesut Özil (10)

I had the same feeling that given how most fans want him gone, he is going to prove exactly why he gets the big bucks.

But then I realized, I was just hoping that that happened, just like I am hoping for many things when it comes to Arsenal.

At 5:15 Ozil gracing us with an ‘Ozil special dispossession leading to a goal’. :man_facepalming:

the :+1: : It seems like Emery’s assistant is coaching defensive moves, curious how that turns out.
the :-1: : I think Emi has gotten himself an Almunia haircut. Why Emi. I used to nothing you, now I don’t.

Carcedo was doing this last year as well.

Remember this?

fuck. you’re right. Well maybe he just followed his instincts in a momentary lapse of restraint and just wanted to yell at Mustafi for playing suicidal football, and now’s when we actually see some defensive change. I mean. Maybe.

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Mesut about to deliver Arsenal the league.

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Ohhh… my… f*ing… god…

That is just… .awful…


Kinda speechless…



He now looks as old as he plays.


Silver hair to match all the silverware he’s going to win us this season…

Seriously though, has any footballer who has gone for this look ever pulled it off? I can’t think of any, but this one is by far the worse. It looks like one of those pictures people photoshop to show how the person will look in 50 years time.

I can.


Maybe putting pink in it is what changes it from monstrosity to passable

I think Aguero pulls it off. Hunk <3

So know we know why his form has dropped off. He’s become a grandma.


Nah this is his rebirth. He looks happy and he’s now one of the LADS with Auba and Laca. New hair, new you.

Golden xChancesCreated trophy incoming 2020.


Please stop posting in here unless it’s about him leaving the club.


He said it’s cos he lost a bet with Laca

Did you not fucking listen?


Lost a bet? lol

I thought it had something to do with Fortnite