Mesut Özil (10)

I find it so sad that a former star of the Germany World Cup winning team has fallen so badly as what should be the tail end of his prime comes to a close.

Just 6 goals and 3 assists last season on his 18m a year salary.

An extended spell out injured with a bad back aggravated by an alleged Fortnite addiction.

A woeful performance in the Europa league final.

Emery is keen to offload him but no other club is even interested and paper talk is that we’d have to subsidise his wages in any move ie we can’t even give him away.

I hope for his sake he gets some self respect rather than sitting there on his mega salary while his contract runs down. He should have his agent scouring the leagues for a new home and a new start where he can try to shine again. He doesn’t need more money he needs to gain back his self respect before it’s too late to resurrect the end of his career.

Sadly his career at Arsenal has failed badly. The contract extension at that salary has been a huge mistake by the Board (Stan, Josh and Gazidis in particular) and by a desperate and past it Wenger who lost his way so badly at the end of what had once been a wonderful Arsenal career.

Fingers crossed that Ozil and the board end this sorry affair as soon as possible and free up some desperately needed funds in the process.

I don’t see him playing that much at all in the new season, he probably be used for cup games and EL. You have his fan boys calling for him to start, but we know they are deluded and hopefully this time around many will dismiss them. I don’t see him leaving as he won’t get anywhere near those wages anywhere else and he’s going to take a step down in his career,

We’re stuck with him until his contract runs out.

If we retain last year’s 1-2 at the top then I reckon Zaha could fill the CF/CAM spot behind the strikers. If we go back to playing with clear forward wingers Ozil doesn’t fit as well.
The only viable solution is Ozil as an inverted RM. Or Ozil as a #8, which I’m not sure is best the use of his talents.
Will be interesting to see where this goes next month.



He’s got to get picked to play for the first team before that can happen.

Wish he’d bulk up again. His all round play was better

The only thing that Ozil has bulked up on is his bank balance.
It’s bulging out all over the place.


thats just his eyes


Former Arsenal transfer negotiator Dick Law has claimed that Levy, renowned for his tough negotiating in the transfer market, attempted to stop the Gunners from pulling off their deal.

“Jose Angel [Real’s general manager] had told Ivan that Levy had called him and said the one last condition of the Bale deal was Madrid couldn’t sell any players to Arsenal.”

I remember reading about that at the time we signed him, perhaps we’d be better off if Levy had pulled it off haha.


We were unlucky so.


Nice to see that Big Dan negotiated hard, and then just did the deal anyway when they said no.

As much as I can’t stand Levy at least he cares enough about their club to do all he can to stop us getting an advantage over them.

What does our owner do?
Does he even know who spurs are?

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Sure, they’re a basketball team from San Antonio.


Oezil signed and the club was lifted, the fans re-energised and we ended our trophy drought. Spuds drought goes on despite being in the final of the CL. Fuck them for evz. UTA.

We are in such a depressingly shit state. :papa:

(also, Oezil got me 17 likes once when I posted a GIF about going gay for him. So… #YaOezilYa #Erbringtmichzumlachen)


Actually the first season was pretty good. Even though luck was probably a bit on our side. I felt like, against better judgement, Arsenal were going to build on that. But that failed obviously.


“We got signals from Madrid that they had players for sale, so I flew out to meet with Jose Angel Sanchez, the general manager of Madrid, and he said that the club would consider selling Karim Benzema or Angel Di Maria - and he gave me a number.

Would we have been better off with Benzema, and Cazorla as undisputed #10, I wonder…

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Don’t know about Benz but I don’t think Ozil has turned out to be an upgrade on Santi.

Santi made a bigger positive impact on this club than Ozil has to date, imo


Of course. From Ramsey/Rosicky to Cazorla is a huge jump in quality in comparison from Cazorla to Ozil.

Cazorla’s defensive work was pretty shrewd too, made Coquelin look like a footballer.