Mesut Özil (10)


At this stage it’s better to just admit to everyone he’s available rather than constantly keep feeding us bullshit about tactical decisions.


This guy has been missing again. Done nothing the whole game what a waste of 350k a week. Can see why our “manager” doesn’t want to play him. #unaiknows


Disaster that this is what it has come to… regardless of Ozil, if our primary creative outlets through midfield are Guenduzzi, Iwobi, and Kola, with Ramsey off the bench, you know you are going to struggle for competent attacking play… our final third passing was an absolute disgrace.

No idea what is going on behind the scenes, but wtf.


Fuck this situation.


Our away form hasn’t picked up since he hasn’t been playing :thinking:.


Tears in my eyes reading that, although probably still not worse than relying on Benayoun to create something.


Hearing legends about Arsenal having one of the most creative players in football history. Not talking about Dennis neither Fabregas, that is for sure. Apparently the player is in our current squad. Still, his situation is still a mystery.


lol… yeah, although I reckon Benayoun was at least more intelligent.


Yeah, tbf, Benayoun wasn’t that bad in his prime.


Whatever game Emery is playing with leaving Ozil out it we won’t see the end of it until we sign a player he wants or the window ‘slams’ shut.


If he’s saying that the reason for his absence is tactical, then isn’t that absolutely an admission that he is available?!


I meant his transfer market availability mate. Should have been clearer


Ahhh, I assumed availability for selection, my bad


I can’t believe this cat is getting paid big money to chill and play fortnite. Meanwhile, this squad struggles to create in the final 3rd and the manager can’t be bothered to put him in the squad.

His wages make him nearly impossible to move on and his wages are hindering us from getting players in. Typical fucking Arsenal man :laca:


You spelt twat wrong


350 fucking thousand a week, 350 thousand. Most of us might never earn that much in a life time of slogging our arses off and he get’s to make that money, in a week, sitting on his arse. Its not his fault that Emery doesn’t fancy him but man we are a shambles at this club. Gazidis and Wenger really screwed us with this guy. 350k a week can get you 4 - 5 good young players, who can play in the team and actually earn that money. Really have no idea how we will sort this mess out.


United have it worse with Alexis.
I’d imagine Ozil will at one point get fed up with Emery and demand a transfer. He’s at the end of the day someone who loves football, he should be able to get offers from just about any club with his credentials, and should accept taking a slight pay-cut, I think.


And therein lies the rub. I don’t think this is the case, else he would’ve left last January.


We know he loves videogames more than football, so Emery is right not to play him. Ship him out in the summer to free money from his contract.


I’m not going to mindlessly back the manager over this.

There’s no reason to. We have no idea what’s been going on. If Ozil was being disruptive we’d have heard about that by now.

He’s just not being played. Which is unacceptable, if we look at who is being played.

Emery got the job based on if he’d use our best players well, and that includes Ozil. To then freeze him out even when we’re crying out for his creativity is a disgrace.

Emery is just putting an unnecessary target on his back, because I wouldn’t be nearly as pissed at him if Ozil was playing.

Also lol @ disparaging Mesut based on no facts so we can suck up to Bumery uncritically. No chance am I doing that.