Mesut Özil (10)



Wow, he really is leaving.


Well theres admittance of injury in that. Does that now mean people are going to lay off Emery for not playing him then.


What a guy :heart:


Ozil isn’t going to get £350k p/w anywhere else. Why leave?


Emery must rate Ozil because didn’t he make him captain recently?

When he is on form, Ozil is one of the few match winners we have.

To replace him with a similar player would cost way more than our board would pay.


Surely he could go to China and get that sort of money ? Hell lesser players are on similar or money in China.


Heard that the Chinese league is having huge financial issues. Clubs have problems to pay the salaries and star/foreign players start leaving.


Maybe he could but why would he bother? 350k a week and a sweet lifestyle in London or living in some random Chinese city that didn’t exist when he was born and probably having to actually play more football than he does here.

Really what he should do is retire through injury. We can all come out of the deal happy then.


I’m not saying I’d bother leaving London for China either, was merely responding to the comment he couldn’t make this sort of money anywhere else.


China doesn’t seem like a great place to be Muslim :eyes:


China’s treatment of Muslims is actually quite fucked up. Barely anybody knows about it

Literally no one can do anything about it


I mean, he’d be totally insulated from that shit, but who wants to move to a country where about a million of your people are in re-education camps?

Its so fucked up, and you’re right, fuck all can be done about it.




It’s amazing how it hasn’t got more coverage. But then reading most media you’d be suprised there was anything happening aside from Brexit and a fucking drone




Homemade or shitty Dolmio?


Is practising religion forbidden in communist states? I always thought it was. While it goes against human rights, is it that big of a surprise?


Yet to hear about the re-education camps with millions of Christians, Buddhists or whatever in them.

This isn’t simply the norm for a “communist” country


They have very few churches/mosques in China but these are heavily regulated and watched by the army.

One thing is that Christians, whilst persecuted of course, are not rounded into modern gulags in an attempt to force them to give up their religion and all faith. It’s clearly more than persecution to freely practice religion (even that’s bad enough ofc). They are doing it with the excuse of combating terrorism, but it’s clear that China sees Islam as it’s biggest internal threat alongside Tibet and perhaps Hong Kong in the future.
But yeah, Özil won’t go to China anyway :grin: