Mesut Özil (10)


Nah I predict us to win nearly all matches against teams at home 7-20, which generally ends up being correct.

Yeah I rarely pick us at home vs the top 6, we usually win 1, draw a couple and lose a couple.

Away from home yeah I don’t pick us an abundance of times to get the 3 points, and generally the results back up those predictions.

As for the predictions of season finishes I can’t remember the last time I was more than 2 spots away from our actual finish, so I don’t see how that can be considered negative :thinking:.


How’d you manage that? We’ve only 2 1/2 years of posts here.


Based on the old site as well, I joined May 2014.


Yea but it’s gone, how did you analyse it?


I was talking about season predictions in regards to that comment… admittedly I can’t remember what I predicted from game to game that far back :joy:.


but what you said is contradictionary also and shows you to be a miserable cunt…you say you have us down to beat fulham but then make this comment

so how does that work out, oh we will beat them but because we are missing ozil they could win…fuck off will you, i think you aint no better than abou just 2 peas in a pod just miserable fucks that troll the forums with a high and mighty bullshit ‘i know it all’ attitude.


I said Fulham’s chances of nabbing a sneaky point have increased with the absence of Mesut Ozil. I still believe we’ll win though as getting 3 points vs poor teams at home is our bread and butter.


but if i recall there was a massive debate of how useful ozil was to us, and i reckon you are one of the people that dont think he is good enough especially for his wage he doesnt do enough etc…but all of a sudden without him we might drop points to fucking fulham. Jaysus if we cannot beat Fulham without ozil we should give up right now…i would be genuinely shocked if fulham gets a point.


Nah I’m on the Ozil side, I’ve maintained my stance that I think it’s an Embarrassment Emery can’t seem to find room for him in the team we currently have.


Yes Mesut!! win that spot back and prove Unai wrong


If true, that’s great positivity from Mesut. Good on him


Heck yes. Come on Mesut.

Really hope he plays tomorrow.


Unless what he actually means is that he’s determined to cash in every week and he doesn’t actually give a fuck. Also a possibility.


I prefer the other one aus… Hey wait a minute


Staying then.

OK. :hipster:





I suppose that’s fair on Rambo’s behalf, no way known Mkhitaryan is a better player than him.


Jesus Christ. If they regret the contract why did they sanction it? I recognize that Ivan was probably the one who signed off on it, but still.

Also, fuck Ivan.


I’m generally pretty positive since Emery came in but I just can’t see it with Ozil. Not in any way convinced he has what it takes to dig in and consistently perform.


Ken Early is an excellent sports journalist…by which I mean I generally agree with what he writes.