Mesut Özil (10)


Correct their @Mysty. Difference then though is the fans to a man loved Wrighty. Thats nowhere near the case with Ozil.


Wrighty is a certified club legend, there’s a massive difference.


Although not really liked Rioch, I think he gets an overly negative review as our manager.


Sell him, he’s gone missing in a big game again.

We need more players who run a lot and show lots of passion


While Hoddle/Gerrard could make goals out of nothing none of those players won as much as Ozil though. Bryan Robson is also massively overrated because he ‘got stuck in’ but he had pretty average technique.


When those guys were there Liverpool actually fell too 8th :laughing:.


We need more Iwobis


Yeah but Gerrard class still shone through.


How the hell did we lose against Liverpool by five without Özil on the pitch?

He continues to be the biggest problem at the club.


Lucky Emery didn’t pick Ozil, we would have conceded 8 or 9 with his lack of defensive work.


He done fuck all last year in the 4 0. Played his non part in many a drubbing for us. Would not of mad a blind bit of difference.


I agree it wouldn’t have made any difference vs Liverpool.

What I don’t agree with is Emery pushing him out when he’s clearly so much better than most of our squad even if he’s inconsistent.


Fitness wise he isnt is he. For me they can all just fuck off. We have nothing to lose. We have to start again somewhere with new players. No alternative but spend or fall.


Our team looked devoid of quality today, I don’t care if we would’ve got battered still with Ozil we would’ve created something at least


Again we never last season when we got beat by four goals.


I blame Ozil for today, he was totally invisible and failed to turn up in a big away match once again.

Assuming nobody has dropped this hilarious line yet.


You didn’t look very well :kissing_heart:


I thought we would play good without Ozil…
Very funny…