Mesut Özil (10)


Haha, you make your point well, I guess you see certain things and gives you a certain perception, I see other things and it’s given me a different perception. It’s all good :+1:

I guess I can see where you are coming from, and perhaps a year or more ago would have agreed, he probably was once underrated. But I think the pendulum has swung and he’s rated for being bloody good now, with people recognising his importance.

Ultimately, we both agree that he’s one of the best playmaker around, so beyond that there’s not too much worthy of a debate :slightly_smiling_face:


I can see where you’re coming from also, perhaps I’m attributing most of what I’ve said to how he’s been seen more so in the past few years, it is quite undeniable what he means to Spurs these days. Although perhaps gets less plaudits than some of his more flashy team mates.

What you said about Pogba is true also , people are beginning to see through what is more of a very well put together marketing machine rather than an out and out world class player which he’s never been.


they should have cloned Steve Williams.He is worth 10 Ozils.



Emery just needs to get over himself and play him.

If he forces out Mesut he’s a prick


He wouldnt get left out the Liverpool squad either.




If Mesut doesn’t do what the boss asks, the prick is Mesut.

I wish it wasn’t a problem for either one of them, but we can’t have our players decide things.



tbf I am not angry at anyone thinking Son is their best player, right now if I got to take one player in their shite team I would have him and his thicc calves here. I personally think we need better wide players atm though so that plays in but he’s been a tad underrated I feel.


I like Son, but that’s the thing about him he’s not consistent, he can produce those kind of performances and can get red hot as he’s two footed, pacy and can finish.

However, it won’t last long. It’s why he’s not a top player. With that said goes without saying that I’d take him here, the fact we have no genuine wide options is quite frankly embarrassing and demonstrates piss poor squad building by previous and current management.


well he’s at ~20 goals per season pace for the third season in a row, I think Kane stole a lot of the scoring lime light. I see his hard work as a factor as well though that takes him from alright to good, he runs shitloads for his team. He’s almost like a Dirk Kuyt with twice the goal scoring and better calves. and a better face. lol I can agree he is not a natural world beater in all senses, but he’d be a good hard working Arsenal team player I think.


Inter are already having disciplinary problems with Radja Nainggolan, is there room in their squad for two moody attacking midfielders?




is pace not the right word? :sweat_smile:


This goes for every top player. Fabregas and van Persie couldn’t carry Arsenal far between the two of them either. I’ll never understand how this is ‘valid’ criticism. Every top player needs top players to excel and win.


Disagree here Gerrard carried Liverpool a fair few seasons without quality round him at times. Bryan Robson, Hoddle and Liam Brady here.
Bigger stage you could say CR7 with Portugal. Decent players in them sides but these players are the catalyst for them being better.


Wasn’t Arsenal like quite shit in the 70s when Brady broke through? What seasons do you take about regarding Gerrard?

That Euro 2016 tournament was France/Germany loss tbh.


well league wise average but we made 4 cup finals. Im talking Gerrard being surrounded with Charlie Adam Jay Spearing types.
Your probably right on the euro but my point is this. Them players are still players who play to their potential when things are against them. I dont think you can use that reason with Ozil.
Too many times it seems it has to be a perfect formation for him to show his A game. This is what I think @Cristo and others mean by luxury player. Im sure in City under Pep hed show his full worth, but thats just not going to happen here now.


This situation with Ozil and Emery seems to be similar to what happened with Ian Wright and Bruce Rioch. Wasn’t it a case when Bruce became manager, him and Wright didn’t see eye to eye and fell out? Rioch started to bench him and later on Ian put in a transfer request, even though he still wanted to remain at the club. He just couldn’t stand Rioch. Thankfully though Rioch lasted only one season and soon after Wright withdrew his request stayed with us for another 2 seasons.