Mesut Özil (10)


Seen some people going bananas over the possibility Özil and Ramsey leave in January and we bring in Banega.

On the one hand that’s a lot of talent leaving at a time when the team is already struggling for numbers. But I can’t ignore the fact Özil doesn’t appear to fit into whatever Unai’s plan is supposed to be. If the goal is to secure UCL by any means necessary and Emery defaulting to a guy like Banega who he knows, then I’m willing to let it ride.

I’d like to see us use some of that freed up money to make some aggressive moves in the market like what Liverpool did with Keita.


We aren’t getting any CL football until Unai sorts is out defensively.


He’s right tho even our resident expert, Cuellar, has been on the Ronaldo is past it train for quite a while. And yes there was talk about Messi maybe declining at the world cup.


I criticize Ozil but he is one of the better players in the world.
Hope this whole drama is him being injured rather than Emery not preferring him.


If he is that good why are we having such conversations about him and why is he dropped,subbed and on sale?

Especially the deluded groupies at Online Gooner.


He is that good as a playmaker though, it’s whether you appreciate playmaking or not. It’s easier to appreciate someone obviously scoring that someone making the passes that allows others to shine.

Not to mention the last game we won was down to 2 goals he created and we looked like shit and out of ideas after he was subbed off against BHA


You’ve never liked him tbh. Always preferred that scummer Eriksen cause he’s a Dane :wink:


Sanchez impact was bigger and more beneficial here. He left under a cloud but overall he gave more imo.


Eriksen wouldn’t get left out of the squad against Liverpool :wink:


Eriksen is a great player tbf he’s done well re-emerging as a CM. #10’s look to be on their way out


Eriksen has been criticised for his lack of consistency many times over the years and for all his quality he was never quite as productive as Ozil was.


Isn’t he? He is only good in one position that proves more and more obsolete in modern football with every day.

I think it’s time we forgo the shortsightedness. Whatever Emery is trying to achieve, it isn’t to fix short-term problems. Our whole footballing philosophy has been in disarray for years and we will not achieve long-term results by only focusing on the obvious, pressing problems. Each player in the roster needs to be committed to helping the team in every phase of the game, even the keeper nowadays. That is the way the modern game is.


Ronaldo is 33. Messi is 31. Up until recently they have been galaxies ahead of everyone else, for more than a decade. And one can debate this year whether they still are or aren’t.

With Ozil there is no such debate. A luxury player describes him well.

Ozil is 30. He had excellent games and he has had a fair load of very mediocre and even poor games. He lacks grit and winners mentality.

Ozil should not be be mentioned nor compared to all time greats like Ronaldo and Messi.


To be fair that critisicm was mostly when he was younger since he was a wunderkid that big things were expected from.

These days he’s one of the most consistent play makers in world football and his week to week consistency is immense, then there’s the fact he elevates his national team by putting the team on his back too.

He’s underrated tbh and without him Spurs would be half the team they are now, he’s equally as important as Kane. Poch actually had to step in to get him no more than 80K a week during his last contract extension.


I don’t think he is, he gets plenty of praise and everyone recognises that he’s a very good player.


IMO he is, he’s up there with the best play makers. I don’t think he gets the same plaudits at all since he’s more than a very good player.
Look at Pogba hype for example and then Eriksen, it’s not even close.


Pogba gets hugely slated all the time (often rightly), Eriksen doesn’t.

I’m just not seeing it.

Very good player is a perfectly apt way to describe him.


Sure, in your opinion.

My view is that’s he’s more than that, he’s a bona fide world class player and proves it every week.

And just because he doesn’t get slated doesn’t mean the hype is anywhere close to the same.


He gets hyped ridiculously because he’s a social media personality and a modern football celebrity, I don’t know anyone who knows anything about football who in the past few years who talks about Pogba as being better than Eriksen. I don’t even see pundits go on like Pogba is amazing but act like Eriksen isn’t.

Eriksen gets loads of praise and people recognise that he is excellent, and he gets mentioned in discussions about the best playmaker around, particularly in Premier League discussions.

As I said I’m just not seeing your point, so I’m not sure there’s much more for us to say here.


If you see it fair enough, I don’t and that’s the point. I’ve seen so many excuses put about for Pogba, in the vein of “oh if he played in a three,” “oh if he played on the left in a two”, “oh was great at the WC it’s not his fault” and more.

If you asked many people who was Spurs’ best midfielder you’d probably get a response of Dele Ali or Son before Eriksen which is just laughable neither hold a candle to him in terms of overall impact or consistency.

So yeah as you said nothing much to say here really, back to Ozil it goes.