Mesut Özil (10)


If we can find a buyer, then we should get rid.




Yeah man, wanted to get a feel of what the mood was like a year ago. We were so buzzing when he signed indeed. One of my fave Arsenal players. It really hurts to see what’s happening now.


I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t one of us

YaGunnersYa :sob:


Fucking Wenger was.


Hes been one of the injury problems though.


He’s not the only one suffering from injuries this season tbf. Granted, Ozil has been having issues late last season and allegedly was injured during the World Cup.


True but his injuries cost us more a week and their getting more frequent.


I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Camden’s stuff tho,most of his stuff is garbage.



If Ozil was as good as people say, there wouldn’t be as much debate about whether he is actually that good.

Everyone can agree that Auba is brilliant, because he’s consistent and he does what is expected of him. The same cant always be said of Ozil.

I’m ok with him going and giving Emery the benefit of the doubt to consolidate and create the team he wants.

I’ve never been convinced by Ozil or his mentality. He’s a luxury player that needs mega stars around him.


That’s because he isn’t as good as people say, it’s that simple. A 10/10 Ozil is world class, but it shows up once in a blue moon.


Ridiculous statement. There’s always debate around top players. Hell, look at Messi and Ronaldo. It wasn’t long ago since they were both ‘finished’.
Saying Ozil needs megastars around him is also nonsense. Wasn’t it him that came in 2013 and turned Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud and others up a gear?

*Edit: Excuse my tone.


Not really any great level of gear changing that tbh.


Lol what serious person said this? Those fucks have been hitting 40+ goals a season for a decade ffs.

And no. Attributing that to Mesut Ozil is a pure reach.


You didn’t watch the World Cup and the reactions from fans and ‘experts’?
That doesn’t classify the situation as a debate?
Ronaldo was mocked for not scoring last season in La Liga early on yet carried Madrid to the UCL final.
Being a top, top player always comes with doubters who hunt the opportunity to call you one-dinensional, ‘finished’, etc.

As for Ozil’s arrival lifting the team. It for sure did. That’s what top players do. It was also the reason why Ozil was the one that stayed and Alexis was let off. Alexis can be a great a player but Ozil can turn the whole team up a notch. This is not just me speaking, multiple players have expressed their awe of Ozil and how they look up to him. Our little bulldog Torreira chose #11 just to sit beside him.


No. On both counts.


Cool. :ok_hand:


I’m still happy he stayed on with us, one of our best players signing a contract extension is something I’m not going to be annoyed about.

However I was concerned when Unai was given the job and what that would mean for Ozil.


I really hope Emery know what he is doing…
I am on his side now, BUT, if he fuck this up, I will be the first to penetrate his arse.


Uh… :gabriel: