Mesut Özil (10)


Heard he had no back bone too


Pain in the arse


Has he had pain problems the entire time?

This contract we handed out is looking horrific.


Looks like we’ll get to see Iwobi strut his stuff at Anfield then.


I’m looking forward to another new year drunken message from you on Ozil :wenger:


Whether Emery left him out or Ozil is injured, close your eyes and tell me the last time he performed at Anfield. He wasn’t going to be the difference in this match for us anyway, it really doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned.


Just hope we keep Ozil till the summer at least. Our squad is fucking thin as it is, he can be of great use in our home games.


Another injury? :confused:


According to the BBC it is…




What mismanagement? Giving 350k a week to a crocked, one-dimensional player. You are probably right, he is probably quietly laughing to himself.


I knock Ozil a lot for not tackling or tracking back, but he isn’t one dimensional


hope there is a good reason for this…


Obviously there is. He doesn’t work.


Man shit was so different 365 days ago :confused:


At this point I’d just like more info. whats the reason for this, and what’s the plan if we do get rid?

Because from the outside, Ozil is one of the first names in the team sheet and this just seems like madness.

Also, if you wanna bin him off, at least keep Ramsey then??

I’d like for at least one of them to stay ffs.

Replacing them both with Ever Banega :facepalm:


Ever fucking Banega lel.


He’s clearly not an integral part of the team which the top earner should be. If it’s going to continue then he may as well be elsewhere.

Tbh I’m fed up of talking about how good / bad he is all the time. Maybe it’s time for everyone to move on.



Haha is that why you liked that post from December 2017. Man I was so buzzing when he re-signed :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: