Mesut Özil (10)


Maaannn. I hope for you all Emery is going to repay(?) this confidence in him with big thingzz.


This turnover in players was going to happen regardless who was going to be the new manager, no?

Maybe not with Ozil per se.







We haven’t got Ozil
Mesut Ozil
I just don’t think I understand



Could he be sold in January to get someone else? Something stinks here!


I think we need him tomorrow


I don’t know what to think


Gettin real tired of this shit Emery.

Unless we get a result.


I wanna back Emery, and I think that players have to make a big effort to adapt to the manager, but leaving him out entirely? The treatment seems like it might be verging on OTT at this stage.

But it’s hard for us to say without being privy to the backroom stuff, if Ozil is being sulky around the training ground, being low key disrespectful and undermining, then this makes sense.

But it would be a leap to assume he’s behaving this way just because I want to back the new manager.

At the end of the day he’s the biggest talent we have, for all his flaws. Surely between him and Emery they have to do all they can make this fucking work. From one side, or both sides, that’s clearly not the case.

The honeymoon period is definitely over, I know that much.


Is anyone else shifting towards the @AbouCuellar was right camp? Not totally ofcourse but the Ozil management is poor man management from my perspective

Wenger In


Every week this goes on the worse it looks for Emery.


depends on the facts tbh.

Can’t see a scenario where the new manager alienates one of the best players on the team without just cause. Most likely Ozil hasn’t responded well to Emery’s ideas


Was there any mention of whether Ozil came off against Brighton due to an injury? Because if that were the case him not being selected for tomorrow, would make sense. But if there’s no injury, then housten, we have a problem.


Either that or Emery is unreasonable and is alienating one of our best players


Seriously speaking, though, Wenger is probably laughing quietly to himself at this mismanagement.

To think of the problem players we’ve had- Sanchez, C’ntley Cole, RvC, Reyes, Anelka, Lassana Diarra, Gallas, Cesc- not one of them has spoken up against Wenger when they left. For all his faults, Wenger still had this paternal effect on his players.

I get that Ozil may be surplus to Emery’s requirements but use him while we have him. It doesn’t smell very Arsenal, this


I really wouldn’t give a shit if it didn’t have an impact on results because our alternatives are a downgrade in quality, but they are so its bothersome.

Starting to think Emery is trying too hard to learn from his mistakes at PSG, sometimes you just don’t fit at a club, relax señor.


Exactly this, hence I said I don’t know what to think about it.

One thing for sure is if it’s not injury related reasons for the constant squad exclusions - we’re almost never going to get the best out of him now.


He is indeed injured. But he was never gonna start/feature in that game anyway.