Mesut Özil (10)


I reckon he’ll be out for another Fortnite…


not bad, not bad all Jade :xhaka2:


bUt hE’s lEaViNg :crazy_face:


We need him back over this upcoming festive period, was really he’d be fit for tomorrow’s game.


This MFs back needs to get sorted ASAP


Master Fortniter?


He better sorts himself out, back spasms, fortnite, emery fall out I don’t give a damn, 350k a week, he better is back to save our ass over the xmas fixtures.


Clearly, he doesn’t have some sort of incurable illness, had he been more dedicated he could have avoided a lot of his “medical issues”. Back problems? Work out more in the weight room, go swimming, watch your diet, your sleep etc. Back issues are not a random occurrence, and even if you can’t avoid them completely, you can definitely improve your situation. The signals that I’m getting from Ozil is that he’s making up excuses for himself, he’s not dedicated.

And of course, you can’t fault him for that, at the end of the day he’s got a contract, like everyone else. The average worker doesn’t work his arse off for his boss either. But as a club, you expect the management to be more careful with handing out such huge contracts (although in this situation, there was arguably no way out). And that’s why you generally try to put clauses in the contract to incentivise players, performance bonuses and so on.


At the risk of sounding like a weenie, back spasms are no joke. I stepped in a ditch while running and tweaked my back. The resulting spasms were so painful and seemed to come on at random.

Yes, I’m a guy and men are really bad at gauging pain but I definitely wasn’t able to twist, cut or push off of that foot for a little bit.


Had you been playing Fortnight before this incident. If so you clearly brought it on yourself


I was on my Honeymoon. :wenger:

(But, just to clarify, no I was not.)



Sounds like it was too late to run :slight_smile:


Has a Michael Jackson vibe




Can’t say I would mind. We can use his wages to attract new players who are not as frail and sulky as him. For all his talent he just doesn’t offer enough.

Mind you, till a deal is done I want this Fortnite spasm nonsense to put to rest and 350k a week put to worth ON THE FIELD pronto.


It would be a huge risk to dump him in January. We definitely could have used someone with his creativity yesterday even though we pulled a rabbit out of the hat at the end.


There is really no reason for a departures/turnover during the winter at all. Not for Ozil, Ramsey or Mkhitaryan. We might need a defender because of a potential injury crises.


25m hmmmm i cant see it.


Granted he plays like 1 game in every 3 but 25 million is nothing in todays market.