Mesut Özil (10)


Which is resurfacing every now and then, if I am not wrong.


It resurfaces every Christmas :slight_smile:


Whatever the reason for him missing our last two games, the good thing is, the team doesn’t miss him. That is obviously good for the team it shows we aren’t dependent on him for all our creativity, but more importantly, it means Ozil will need to up his game if he wants his place back in the team, which can only be good for us.


We’ve produced our best performance of the season without him and if that doesn’t motivate him to want to try harder then I do not know what will at this stage.

Ozil is an amazing player who regularly contributes to our attacking play but I’ve seen nothing that justifies his £350k a week contract since he signed it.

There’s clearly an issue between him and Emery though and this is a battle Ozil cannot win.


He must watch us play and realise that he is not the pinnacle of our success when we beat the scum at home, coming back from 1-2 down to win 4-2.

It’s a shame his mentality is rather weak. I like him for his footballing ability, some beautiful passes and generally he has got a good vision, just personality wise I am not so sure. Goes missing too many times for me and a little sulky and weak.

If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I hope the Club has got a way out to ship him off these massive wages and get someone new in who actually gives a fuck.


I don’t think he doesn’t give a fuck, but there seems to be a difference in how Emery wants the game to be played and how Ozil plays the game. It’s quite telling to me Welbeck and Ramsey are players who got some plaudits this season under Emery. The people who make the decisions seriously need to consider if Ozil is worth it to keep around for another two seasons if this continues or that we need to try and sell him. If there are suitors anyway. I expect him to be gone after his current contract regardless. Never thought he was going to close out his career here.


Lol at this thread going full OA :grin:


I think it is fair to have some concerns tbh. Emery applies a kind of rigid offensive system and Ozil hasn’t really found his place in it. Unless the first 15 odd games are too small of a sample size.


Yeah, I think the sample size is small, but mild concerns are valid. If the next fifteen games go the same way then it becomes a more serious concern


Will be hard to offload him.

Reckon we’ll crystallise a loss on the contract, maybe a little haircut if most of the compensation is performance related …e.g. game time, assists, goals etc.

Regardless, we really should offload to the likes of Inter… He can go do a Pirlo over in the Serie A.

I don’t see where he fits into the side atm, as bad as Mkhitaryan is, he is constantly on the move in the n.10 position unlike Mesut who can get static and lazy between the lines.

Either way, we MUST replace him adequately if he leaves.


Arsenal signing a forward, be it a winger or attacking midfielder, in the summer seems a bit inevitable. With the confirmation of Welbeck not getting an offer and if the Ramsey situation remains the same they will have Ozil, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan and Nelson left for the two or three attacking positions. Obviously Aubemayang or Lacazette can and will make appearences there, but other than that we are shorthanded in that area. I’m not really counting on Smith-Rowe just yet.


I feel we are overreacting.

A month ago we were all high on Ozil and Ramsey was getting the hate.

Obviously that contract is a bit much but Emery is so tactically flexible that a player of Ozil’s quality will always have a space here


I think Icardi earns about about 120-150k a week at Inter so Mesut going to Italy is basically impossible.

I genuinely think Turkey, China or one of the Gulf countries are his only destinations if he does leave Arsenal because, like Sanchez, he’s on money that no other big club in Europe is going to match for what they bring to the table.


Özil simply has to adapt it’s as simple as that, if he’s able to do so it will all work out fine if not it will end in tears.

The thing about #10’s in football these days is that you have to be more versatile, David Silva, KDB, James Rodriguez, Eriksen et al have all been able to adjust to the demands of their managers and not simply play in the hole like they would have in years gone by. Whether it’s adapting to a pressing game, playing slightly out wide picking up pockets of space or playing deeper in what is essentially a CM position they’ve all had to step outside their comfort zone which has ironically made them better players as a result.

It may simply be a question of whether Özil buys into Emery’s way of doing things, when the rest of the squad has and you perhaps haven’t there’s only going to be one winner and it isn’t the player especially when Emery is working wonders whilst working under constraints.

I hope it all works out because I love Özil when he’s playing as well as he can but it’s all on him now, Emery has thrown down the gauntlet so he either rises to the challenge or is swept away in the sea of change. Considering his options would be limited if moving to another team it’s in his best interests to get on board because there’s potentially something special brewing at this club now.


Well said.

Ozil still brings qualities to our side that nobody else possesses. He may not fit the tactical plan for every match but a motivated and in form Ozil has a huge part to play in this club’s resurgence.


It is possible the Adidas deal comes into play. We have never in the history of our club given wages away such as we have with Ozil. If we are willing to pay him that much, there’s a damn good reason IMO.



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Our defence conceded the equaliser before I realised this though, good going prixka


Did we miss him tonight? His record in big PL away games suggest not but I feel like under Emery our approach is a bit different.


I think we did. He would have helped us in the midfield in the irst half where Guendouzi was fucking up and Xhaka wasn’t there.

he is injured