Mesut Özil (10)



I’m glad he was dropped even if I don’t think he should have been because it shows that at least our manager is willing to make big calls for games.


LoL! Basically saying Ozil lack cojones :rofl:


Considering his replacement was Mkhitaryan, the physical intensity or cojones argument doesn’t hold much.


When the choice is to play the woeful Mhki instead it comes across as rather odd.


I love Mesut but does this score happen with him?


Massive league result without Ozil. Does this mean anything?


Mesut Whozil?


Lads he is now rested and ready to bring the pain to United


To be honest, maybe we play better without Ozil. Ozil at his best is a treat to watch of course, but he can go easily missing too. Don’t know what to make of today’s excellent game and result. We played so, so well without him.


Still of the opinion that Özil makes us better when all is functioning correctly.

However, he needs to adapt to Emery or he’ll become a casualty of his tenure.


I don’t think you can necessarily say we play better without him while people are slagging of Mkhitaryan every week.

He probably still has some adjusting to do but I think at some stage this season Ozil will start to look great under Emery.


I think it’s becoming increasingly clear he isn’t an essential piece of this side now or going into the future. Hardly anyone bat an eyelid by him missing today.

He’s a luxury to have and is capable of consistently excellent play


HE won’t press as well as Ramsey/Laca but he will link up much better than Ramsey and control possession better. And yes Ramsey had a decent game today.




Özil always goes missing around this time of year for a couple weeks. It’s definitely strange.


If it’s not a genuine injury, then it’s wholly unprofessional on the player’s part.

Something smells fishy, though. If it’s a genuine injury, aren’t we alerted earlier in the week? If it’s a warming up injury, aren’t we told the same?

I get the feeling we’re becoming tired of this as Arsenal fans


Tbh if he’s prone to back spasms they can flair up at anytime without notice, he may have been fine on Thursday as they can flair up very rapidly.


I’m so tired of this. It’s pretty clear something isn’t right between Emery and Ozil. Emery isn’t going to say that to James fucking Olley after a big win like that.


Hes probably just injured lol

Had a real chuckle at this. @Calum @JakeyBoy :arteta: