Mesut Özil (10)


This may come off a little fanboyish but I really liked his performance tonight.

It was nothing special but he played like the leader he is, as captain. Stayed calm and spurred many attacks on. Was always an option too.

Keep it up Mesut :ozil:


I just have so much more faith that something happens now he has Laca and Auba, even Iwobi for that matter to work with upfront. He’s clearly locked into how these guys want to receive the ball and these deft little flicks, through balls look purposeful and precise. I think the latter Wenger years made everything seem so lackadaisical, guys like Mesut were just free roaming, doing their thing compared to what we’re seeing now.


So far this season he’s been very good, even if he doesn’t control most games his work rate is far better under Emery. If he continues up this form, this definitely could be his best season in a Arsenal jersey.


He’s under contract until he’ll be 33. He’s already showing signs of aging, and I’m not sure he’d accept a big downgrade of his paycheck (although he probably will). In any case, any offer above 200k at that age is wasteful IMO.


I need to see more than we’ve seen so far before I can get on board.


15/16 he was flying. 19 assists. One off Henry’s assist record? He’ll never match that again probably!


He should have fucking smashed that record. Didn’t he have like 15 of those or maybe more at the turn of the year?


Yeah didn’t help he had Giroud going scoreless in 16 straight games in the second half of the season though, makes life tougher when you’re after assists.


I think he had 17 by the 1 Jan and then only got 2 more for the rest of the season


16 to be precise


where can you find an assist recipient list for that season?


Do you mean who he assisted to? I have no idea if you can find that.


Yeah lol, Looks like I’m going to trawl through BBC live match feed to see


That was a frustrating season because I remember certain games during the second half of the season where he created like 8 or 9 chances. I could be remembering the opposition wrong but I think it was Southampton at home that he laid the ball on a plate for Giroud about 4 times and he missed every single opportunity.


In fact, the German schemer had already topped that record by the end of April. He finished the season creating 146 chances; just imagine if Arsenal had been able to take two-thirds of those. They wouldn’t have taken until the last day to scrape past Spurs, and surely have stopped Leicester winning the title with a Goals Scored record of 150 or so.

Whatever the relative merits and deficiencies of Arsenal’s forwards, Ozil more than did his job, creating more chances than any other player across Europe’s top five leagues.


Man that season from Özil was title winning form. Annoying we didn’t have Lacazette and Aubameyang then.


I think it might have been higher. His end product dried up in the second half of the year

People say that but I think Ozil wasn’t creating anything like as much. And those 16 games include sub appearances IIRC. And before those 16 games Olly was coming off 30 goals in 2015. Just a bit of perspective.


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Smh, they said the same thing to opta joe when he started collection football’s statical information


Great interview this


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