Mesut Özil (10)



Love you dad :heart_eyes:


Growing into this season. After a slow start he’s really picked his form up that’s for sure. When he plays like he did today he’s every inch the world class player we know he can be.


Genuinely some of the best stuff I have seen from him since he joined.

If this is what he has in store for us as the #10 under Emery playing as the 10, then I’ll just have to have cold showers twice every day.


That through ball. Whole fucking Leicester team doesn’t understand what just happened.


This is when you just about start to think the 350k a week is worth it



Haha Spurs, you can stick your Jurgen Klinsmann up your arse



I ain’t no Spuds fan, but don’t touch my Klinsmann.

I still rate him as the best ever striker of the DFB.


Cundy hates Arsenal. This is the same man who said the Invincibles were ‘average’.


I left for work after he got substituted, he was that good I felt the game could be nothing but a letdown after he left the field of play.


Caught the game at the office. That third goal was absolutely ridiculous. I hope this finally shuts up the racist Leave Means Leave commentators about Ozil.


Had an average start to the season but class is permanent. He’s still head and shoulders above anyone in our squad. Very few players around on his level of football intelligence tbh.

Funny thing is, he didn’t even bust his arse tonight. It was all effortless with him. He literally strolled around and got MOTM by miles.


Hoeness, are you watching, you fat cunt? :mustafi:


But, but… I thought Ozil was done? :joy:


Feels like we haven’t seen an Özil performance of that level in a long time.

The universe / reality splitting pass he made for the second goal…orgasmic.


Said it last year… make him the captain.

He should be our permanent captain.


Good to know he keeps track of what the haters are saying


Nice to know that Mesut is a DBZ guy. Kinda makes me like him more.