Mesut Özil (10)


“absolutely ludious” and “he’s like a fish up a tree” are hands down my favourite Mersonisms lol


Lol! Not even from Salah, but from fucking Milner :rofl:


It’s sad that we are not able to maximise Ozil’s game.


It’s a shame Merse talks as much crap as he does because, as a player, he was immense. Heck, I’d even say he was better than Ozil in his prime


Should James Milner also learn from Mesut Ozil?


IF talk about attitude and work intensity, shouldn’t everyone learn from Cristiano Ronaldo instead?


Interesting take since he was well down the list of players that got acclaim for that game.

Hopefully he can step it up in the next few weeks, as always he’s key to our season.


Seems like a bit of a nostalgic statement. His achievements aren’t remotely close to matching Ozil’s, but seeing as I was a wee nipper when Merson was in his prime (out of interest, when would you say that was in terms of a specific season or two?), it’s probably not fair for me to comment.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Nah you can’t believe that?!


I think it would be pretty fair to say Merson done/achieved more in an Arsenal shirt than Ozil has… but only with all sorts of caveats attached.


This is putting it quite differently though :smile:.


Yea, that’s what I was going for.


Achievements is a little unjust a way to compare the two. Given that Merse won 2 league titles, 2 league cups, 1 FA Cup and a European trophy while he was with us, I think he beats Ozil hands down :wink:

As far as his playing ability goes, I, like yourself, perhaps witnessed the latter half of his Arsenal career, from about 93 to 97. He’d be popping up with goals when we were playing badly (think Ramsey in 2013/14 but continuously) and he was blessed with pace. It was awful to see him sold to Boro in Wenger’s first season. I just think that in this day and age of nutritionists, dieticians and football gurus/advisors, Merse would have been a beast (although we can say that about a lot of players)



:unai: :unai: :unai:


As some has stated. I’ve seen Ozil this season more willing to help defensively as well. Obviously when you’re second highest paid in the league we expect big things every single match but wages aside he has been working his ass off. So far, he has been the hardest working guy we’ve used in the flanks compared to Auba, Mkhi and Iwobi(barely played tho). That goes back to the City game. The contrast between him and Mkhi helping out their full backs was evident.
Ozil certainly isn’t finished as how the football world seems to be claiming.


Do they want him back?


Possibly. Their most creative player is Kroos right now and it showed in the WC that he wasn’t enough. Plus, Low and Ozil had a very close relationship so Low probably wanted to smooth things out. One thing is for sure, after he hooked Ozil in the WC and then left Ozil hanging with those racism claims, Mesut won’t be so forgiving.


According to Charlie Watts it wasn’t about Ozil at all.


Stupid (I meant Emery)… no face-to-face, how about a phone call? A video conference? pay a direct visit to Ozil’s house??

Good move by Low/Bierhoff, Ozil’s international career should not be ended this way.

Of course it is not going to work… Kross is too clumsy as a #10.


The Erdogan storm has fucked with his head. I never knew it was this bad…

He’s become a Twitch FORTNITE streamer…


Happy Birthday :crown: