Mesut Özil (10)


Had we won the FA Cup before Özil arrived or was it after? 3 cups and a European Semi Final, with Özil pretty much carrying us as our only WC player, I’d say is a massive success.


You’re seriously reaching by including a Europa League semi final in your post. We absolutely could have done that without Ozil and would have reached countless Europa League semis under Wenger, except we kept making it out of the CL group stages.

Semi finals of the Europa League is barely an achievement.




Still remember that game. What a first assist to introduce himself to the Premier League!


Pires has to be the most underrated midfielder in the history of the PL.

The goals and assists return was out of this world




Ozil would rather be balding, on less money and trade in his many titles including the WC for no trophies in the cabinet other than Best Pastry of 2017


Balding :joy::joy:

Don’t forget his putting the pressure on trophies aswell!


This debate is boring. Both are great players to have.


Ozil and Eriksen playing behind Lacazette and Aubameyang.
How good would that be?


104 goals and assists combined in 200 games.

:fire::fire::fire: We have been lucky to watch this god for the last 5 years.

We’ve got Özil…


Great read.