Mesut Özil (10)


Neil Ashton knows fuck all and needs to get his nose out of Daniel Levy’s arse.

Funny this Ozil thing and the Mourinho stuff is front page, instead of Lloris’s drink driving arrest?

SAF was right about the football press.


Classic football fans stuff this. We get indignant with the press when they conject something about us, but take as verbatim if its about United, spuds etc.
Part of the soap opera that we signed up for people.


That’s part of the fun involved in being a tribal, hypocritical football fan, is it not? :arteta: :mustafi:


Media still running with this shit story.


I knew it was bullshit once I reached the words

Özil screamed at


I can’t believe that after signing the new contract he looks so fucking lazy and devoid of any passion for the club.
Mesut, you aren’t here just collect your money, but to help us to win big things. Time to step up!


Gundogan has finally had his say


What a surprise, ESPN Brazil do not have the inside scoop on Arsenal, and gammons were talking shite.

Oh, and, Emery loves Ozil


Can he play on sunday? :xhaka:




Can’t play in this system. Nowhere to be found, letting the full back a free reign of the wing.




Really wan’t to see Laca and Auba playing centrally with Özil in behind.

They combined so well for Auba’s goal, make it happen Emery.


Wait I thought Ozil received no offers.



Mesut has to step up in big games, but putting shit players around him is not going to help much.
Finally this season he can have Auba and Laca around.


Shine ön yöu crazy diamönd.


Pretty pleased with Ozil myself. His current salary is a bit of an overkill but that’s for most players in the world nowadays. Only Cris and Leo deserve that kind of money.


He has been a bit of hit and miss in these years. He is a WC player, but need to do more.


5 years of having the best #10 :heart_eyes:

Still buzzing I finally seen him live a back in April