Mesut Özil (10)


I agree with that 2nd quote from Hoeness.


Be fair… Ozil played much better for German NT than for Arsenal.


Ozil is our captain?


One of the four captains, but not the first one.


How is Ozil a redundant type of footballer? Because he can’t defend or doesn’t work hard? 31 is still a peak-ish age for a footballer. Nothing wrong with the fact that he is still here at that point of his career.


How else do you rationalise the lack of interest in him from top clubs last season? Genuinely asking here


Because attacking midfielder is a stacked position and his age was working against him. I said if during last season that it wouldn’t be surprising if nobody came knocking on his door.


He is not an attacking midfielder though. He is a playmaker. He can’t play on the wings or in midfield (at the necessary level), behind the striker/strikers is the only position he is useful.

You only need to look at the systems the top clubs use in order to answer your question.

Ugh, which one is it?


How does that not make him an attacking midfielder? Just because Emery or Wenger didn’t employ 4-3-3 it doesn’t mean he can’t play as a left sided midfielder in such a system.

His age was working against him in making a move not for his use/role at Arsenal. Clubs who are on the market might be looking for younger options who are nearing their primes or are just at that. SInce transfers are made for the long term too his age is obviously something that going to be taken into consideration.


I am confused. I said that if we were looking to shift him, his age and wages will make him essentially impossible to sell. You then quoted me making an argument his age shouldn’t be a factor because he is still at the top of his career…


I am of the opinion that Ozil still could be very useful for us as 30/31. Hence I don’t think it’s a bad thing to keep him around. I got the sense that you think it’s a bad thing too keep Ozil probably partially because of his age… Or I misread.


Well Ozil will be 30 in two month’s time so he should start delivering for the bolded part to be true. The point made was that if Ozil’s form continued throughout the season we should be looking to offload him in the summer, to which I made the point that it will be impossible.


Except for maybe Guendouzi who genuinely made a good impression the first two games?


Think Cech has been good, dodgy pass against City aside.



Calling BS. If true, he needs to be fined.



If it is true after all of the shit that has happened and how we rallied round him with all the crap in the press then the guy is a grade a cunt and we should look at binning him.


What do you think boys? Bs or not? It wouldn’t surprise me if Ozil doesn’t like Emery. Ozil is very picky with his coaches.:joy:


why is it always about emery for you, why cant it just be a scrap between players or absolute shit…why dont you quit with that shit.


Stop getting obsessed boy. Ozil just likes his coaches to show him trust. Ozil did the same woth Ancelotti who I really like.
I stand with Emery if the story is true anyway.