Mesut Özil (10)


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Im not always his biggest fan tbh. However I know hes out of sorts but I feel in some ways he looks more involved.
Just seems to be trying a little to hard at the moment. Dream scenario he provides a couple for Auba to slot against the hammers next week.


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Think criticism on him was a bit harsh. Did pretty good work off the ball. Tracked back constantly and gave some good passes. Obviously creatively he can do even better but I liked his defensive work rate against City and Chelsea, gave support and options offensively to Hector when nobody else was.


I know he did a lot of running off the ball yesterday but you have to ask yourself, is that really what he is in the team for, at 300K a week? He did very little of note going forward, which is the major part of his job in the team. So what are we paying him for and is he really the right man for the job, especially in big games. Let’s face it, he is a luxury player, and he is at his best when he just needs to sit and wait for the ball to come to him, so he can pick his passes to forward runners. All this off the ball work is affecting his play on the ball, with poor passes, poor first touches etc.

Emery either finds a system that works for Ozil or stops playing him from the start.


His status as a luxury player is showing. Emery basically confirmed he had to take him off because he wasn’t contributing to the reducing pressure at the start of the 2nd half


I think it is both…
Ozil has to prove himself on Emery’s team, and Emery has to find a tactics that works for Ozil.


I believe if he continues the way he is, he will be gone next summer and I wouldn’t be too sad. He just does not show up in big games.


I’ve been team Ozil for a very long time but I think under Emery he’ll definitely be shown the door if he doesn’t play to his system.


I think we’ve shot ourselves in the feet with this one. Ozil will be almost 31 years old next summer and with his wages and the redundant type of footballer he is in today’s market, don’t think we will really be able to get ourselves free of him.


Who will realistically be picking him and his wages? I think this could ‘potentially’ create a situation whereby we have given him super high wages and he regresses because of Emery’s system. Then we’re stuck with his bloated salary and a shell of what should be a brilliant player.

I still have faith in him. I think this season will be massive for Mesut because he has to prove himself under a manager who is rigid in his formula of football. Big players tend to switch on when the pressure is against them, so I’m looking for a big improvement from the Özil we’ve watched in the last year.

Just to further this thought too, I feel like he was allowed to coast through when Wenger was the manager. He was virtually unplayable in Arsene’s eyes and maybe to the detriment of the team. We saw on Saturday that Emery isn’t afraid to hook him early in a big game and I think Gary Neville mentioned this too. I felt that was a ballsy move from Emery, whether a good or bad one given the result, I think it sends out a strong message to the rest of the team that no one’s position is locked down. I hope it evokes a new level of player not just from Mesut, but the rest of the players as well.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I thought he was defending better than I’ve ever seen against Chelsea. But perhaps by the time he’s in the final third he’s already run his race when he’s defending intensively.


I feel China can always be an option if its (touch wood) all goes horribly wrong.


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